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GC University Faisalabad

GC University Faisalabad

GC University Faisalabad is one of the Pakistan’s renowned institutions situated in an agricultural city named Faisalabad. It has been more than a century that this institution is progressing towards excellence in the field of education. Many renowned personalities offered their services to the institution in different times. Government Collage University aims at providing the high quality of education. University tries to cater the different areas of education that are now need of the modern and scientific society. The university mainly focuses on research work and scholarships.

The history of GC University Faisalabad can be traced back to 1897 from where it took start as a primary school in the building that is currently known as Govt. College for Women, Karkhana Bazar, Faisalabad. Until 1905 it served as primary school but in 1905 it was promoted as High School and then in 1924 as an Intermediate College. Due to the excellent performance GC University once again got the honor of promotion as a degree college in 1933 and it was introduced as a postgraduate college in 1963. After the long struggle and journey in October 2002, the Government of Punjab finally granted the status of University to this institute.

There are number of courses that are being offered by the university. Courses start from intermediate level to PhD level. Subjects like Economics, Applied Psychology, Fine Arts, Political Science, Education, etc are being offered under the faculty of Arts and Social Science. Faculty of Management and Administrative Science if offering the courses as Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Commerce, Industrial Management, and Public Management. Faculty of Science and Technology is providing the training and research facilities to the student so that they can meet the demands of new world. Areas that come under this faculty of Science and Technology are Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, etc. Faculty of Islamic and Oriental Learning is also working.

University has a security office to maintain the law and order at university and to ensure the safety of university property. University has number of buses to provide the transport facility to the female students and teachers so that they can commute to the university without any problem. A medical health care center is also working that provides the first aid to the students, staff and employees. In the case of emergency, the victim is referred to the Hospital on the University ambulance. University has a rich system of library as it has seventeen libraries in departments and faculties and one main library that has the stock of 85,000 books in it. Sports Department is working well in the university to provide the national and international players. There are so many diverse games like cricket, hockey, tennis, football, boxing, kabadi, chess etc in which students get training from the trained and experienced coaches.

GCU Faisalabad

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