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Fruit Chaat

Fruit Chaat

In the life of Muslim Ramadan plays an essential role, so in this blessed month of Ramadan people love to eat different appetizing dishes after Iftar. When Ramadan comes everyone’s first interest is to what to make in sehri and Aftari and their first priority is to make best dishes for both. There are many traditional dishes that represents our culture like in sehri we mostly have parathas, culthas, dahi and related things like that and in aftari we serve different variety of foods among these Fruit Chaat is the most favorite of all Pakistanis and is not at all in absence on the table in Ramadan. It is a traditional dish which always enhances the event of aftari.


After fasting for a long time we need to have healthy diet that gives us complete energy and fruit chat is a dish which is full with nutritional value as we have variety of fruits in it. It is easy to make and easy to eat and does not require much time in preparation. Fruit chaat can be made by applying different methods or by increasing or decreasing the variety of fruits. There several different recipes related to this dish as we cream fruit chaat, masala fruit chaat, simple fruit chaat, chana fruit chaat and many more delicious variety introduced by our leading chefs. There is a very simple method to make all these. As we have a very tempting and delicious recipe of cream fruit chaat and simple fruit chaat which are as following:

For Cream Fruit Chaat we need to have following Ingredients:

a). Apple

b). Pear

c). Melon.
d). Strawberries.
e). Banana.

f). Cherries.

g). Plump.

h). Cream.

i). Sugar.

j). Salt.

k). Black pepper


Procedure: First wash and chop all the fruits and add them in a bowl it should be around to cups. Then add sugar, black pepper, cream and salt in the bowl. Mix all the ingredients well and shift all the mixture into another bowl. Put the bowl in the refrigerator and serve when chilled.

Now the recipe for Fruit Chaat and for this we need to have:

a). Apple.

b). Pomegranate Seeds.

c). Banana.

d). Guava.

e). Grapes.

f). Melon.

g). Mango (optional)

h). Pear.

i). Sugar.

j). Salt.

k). Chaat Masala

l). Blach pepper

m). lemon juice.

Procedure: First wash and cut all the fruits in a bowl, it should be equal to two cups. Then add all the ingredients mentioned above according to your taste. Mix them all well and shift it to another bowl. Place the bowl in refrigerator and serve when chilled.

Do try these recipes they’ll definitely turn out well.


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