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Forts of Pakistan 2

Forts of Pakistan 2

Ramkot Fort:

Among ancient forts of Pakistan a fort named as Ramkot is located besides the Mangla dam in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. This fort can be found over the site of an old Hindu Shiva temple and is located on the summit of a hill. The River Jehlum surrounds the fort from three sides. The Muslim rulers of Kashmir in the 16th to 17th built many forts in safe guarding of their boundaries and Ramkot Fort is one of them. Ramkot was further fortified by the Sikh Maharaja of Kashmir.

ramkot fort

Kot Diji Fort:

            Kot Diji Fort is located in the Kot Diji town of district Khairpur, Pakistan. Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur between 1785 to 1795 built this fort, who in 1783 was the founder of Upper Sindh. Construction of Fort was done by the kiln-backed bricks on a limestone hill. The height of the hill is 110 feet and the walls of the fort add another 30 feet in the rise. Three 50 feet strategically built towers can be found here. About 50 bastions make the wall segmented. This fort of Pakistan has three elephant proof gates that further divide into three overlapping levels divide the fort.

kot diji fort

The fort was designed in the way that if enemy attacked on the fort with cannon ball, and with a minor mistake that cannon ball could hit the hill or would fly over the fort falling on the other side of the fort on enemies own forces. Because it was strategically designed, the Fort was never attacked by the enemy throughout its history.

Sialkot Fort:

            One of the oldest Forts of Pakistan is the Sialkot Fort that is located in the city of Sialkot, Punjab. After re-establishing the Sialkot city, Raja Salban built the Sialkot fort in the second century CE. The purpose of building this double walled fort was the defense of city. Around 10,000 labors were used for the repair and extension of the fort. Stone slabs and rocks to build the fort were brought from Pathankot.

sialkot fort

With the help of Raja of Jammu, Shahab ud-Din Ghori who was the ruler of Lahore and Sindh in 1179 to 1186 captured the Sialkot Fort. The Janjua tribes got the control of the Sialkot Fort given by the Sultan Firuz Shah Tagluq around late 14th century CE.

Sialkot Municipal Corporation discovered the second wall of the fort in 1923 and the archeologists from Taxila and Delhi after visiting the Sialkot confirmed that the stone wall was 5,000 years old .Today this fort is left with few ruins including a bastion.


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