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Forts of Pakistan 1

Forts of Pakistan 1

Pakistan is the country that has many historical places and cities that can be traced back to the centuries. People from diverse cultures and religions migrated here and ruled on different parts in the different periods. During their rule, they built and constructed different forts, temples and mosque etc that Pakistan inherited in 1947 after the independence. There is a list of such places but in this article, some famous forts of Pakistan would be described. These historical forts are the real beauty of Pakistan.

Rohtas Fort:

Rohtas Fort is located in the province of Punjab and near the city Jehlum. The construction of this fort was started in 1541 on the orders of Afghan King Sher Shah Suri. The reasons of building this fort was to block the return of Emperor Humayon to India who was defeated in the Battle of Kanaju by Sher Shah Suri. Another reason of this fort construction was that Sher Shah Suri was scarred of local tribes of the region called Gakhar and to suppress them and make himself save he constructed the fort. The construction was done under the supervision of Todar Mal Khatri.

rohtaas fort

Rohtas Fort is a massive and gigantic fort that has twelve gates and each of them is built in ashlar stone. Name of the gates are; Sohail Gate, Shah Chandwali Gate, Kabuli Gate, Shishi Gate, Langar Khani Gate, Talaqi Gate, Mori or Kshmiri Gate, Khwas Khani Gate, Gatali Gate, Tulla Mori Gate, Pipawala Gate and Sar Gate.

rohtas fort

Rawat Fort:

            Rawat Fort is 17 kilometer in the east of Rawalpindi on GT Road and is located in the Pothohar. This fort has two gates and is in the square form. The fort was built in the 16 century by a tribe of Pothohar known as Gakhar because of a battle that was fought between Gakhar chief Sultan Sarang Khan and Afghan King Sher Shah Suri in 1546 AD.


A mosque was also built in the fort that is made up in the form of three big domed rooms. With a dome, there is also a quadrangular building. There are some additional small rooms along the wall. There are many graves in the center of the fort and among them there is a tomb of Sultan Sarang Khan. There are also the graves of his sixteen sons who died there fighting.


Mankiala Stupa is few kilometers away from the site and it can be seen from the roof of the mosque. It is a Gandhara era stupa and according to some legends this was the place where Buddha cut some of the his body part to feed seven hungry cubs. The stupa was built in the memory of his sacrifice.


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