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Flute (Bansuri)

Flute (Bansuri)

Pakistan is a land blessed with talented musicians. Music lives in this country and is a part of every region and Pakistan has a total of six hundred musical instruments. Flute has a vital importance in music of Pakistan as it is appreciated by most of the Pakistani people and various talented flute singers are found in every part of this country. Among all types of flutes, bamboo flute is the one for Pakistan. This flute consists of six or seven holes and is created in different sizes.

The flute usually known as Bansuri in Pakistan is used in Classical music of Pakistan and is also included in western music projects. Flute is mostly included to take the dense cultural essence of Punjabi folk music and various pop artists due this in their songs. This instrument made it’s strive in the beautiful folk tale of Heer Ranjha written by Syed Waris Shah. It is said that Ranjha used to play his flute whenever he was free in mosque but people protested against it and he moved to the village of Jhang and there he met Heer who was attracted towards his sweet melody of flute.

The Pakistani bamboo flute has been known with some other names like Van, Pava and Kolavi. Well! The exact origin of this instrument is known but its proper use was started in the fifteenth century in Mughal era. At that time there were three types of flutes available; fipple flute, end blown and transverse. Now, NAPA is the best institute of performing arts and flute-playing is also taught there. Khamisu Khan is among one of the best Bansuri players of Pakistan. Ustad Alla-Ditta Qadri has also earned a great name in the flute playing field. Now, his son Akmal Qadri is working to make this flute tradition survive. Flute is an instrument by which you can express any kind of music. The music from this historic instrument is now fused with western pop music to create melodious fascinating music. Haider Rehman from ‘Laal bad’, Baqir Abbas and Mohammad Ahsan Papu are the best modern flute-players of Pakistan and have given a great importance to this instrument. In Pakistan now, various classical music workshops are held in which talented flute players show their talent. With the trend of Electronic Instruments this tradition of Classical instruments also lives in Pakistan and still people love to learn these instruments.

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  1. I just want to learn it completly

  2. Muhammad Salman Adil (Pakistan- Flute Bansuri Player)
    January 1999 – Present (14 years 2 months)
    Muhammad Salman Adil is a Classical Flute Player, he have been performing in President House through the platform of Pakistan National Council of the Arts.
    He also have visited different parts of the world including England, Japan, India, France, and Holland, Belgium where he performed with foreign musicians.
    As a music director, he is also working in PTV from the last three years, besides that he is working with different embassies as an event organizer and flute player.

    Contact information:

    BIII-758/3, Khurram Colony, Rawalpindi + 92 345 5206879)

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