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Fish Industry in Pakistan

Fish Industry in Pakistan

Pakistan is rich in fishery resources and trading sea food locally and internationally. It is good fortune that Pakistan has four seasons, world fame mountains, agricultural lands and sea which gives food to peoples of Pakistan for livelihood the population of coastal areas of Sindh and Baluchistan depends on fisheries, approximately one million peoples are engaged with this fish industry in Pakistan and most of them works as fishermen.

There are a large number of villages all along Pakistan coast line where fishing is source of income for centuries. The first fish harbor was developed in 1958 at Karachi it is the biggest harbor in Pakistan and it is used by all types of fishing boats, while the other is korangi fish harbor and two harbors working in pasni and Gawadar in Baluchistan province. At present, our contribution is very small but the potential for growth is vast and will continue to expand in future.

The fishing sector is facing many problems due to marine resources mis-management. Pakistan cannot meet the challenges of international market and their demand due to poor quality of products the sector need favorable circumstances and modern mechanism of processing and maintaining seafood for export.

There are hundreds of varieties of fishes on coast line of Pakistan more than 30 species of shrimps the shrimp fishery is very fruitful because of foreign exchange earned and employment produced from it at large there are 10 species of crab, 5 species of lobsters and above 50 commercial species of fish including sardine Hilsa, mackerel pomfret, sole tuna and many more which can increase export volume of Pakistan.

Fish Industry: Trade

The export trading can earn huge amount of foreign exchange. The fishing sector needs priority with good management to promote this trade .There is a hope to hear that the government will work on new projects for instance construction of modern harbor for fishing at Karachi and establishing the cold storage and marketing facilities which will help to promote fishing and export trade.

Another project financed by Asian development Bank and EU aimed to increase the annual fish catch and to promote prawn farming which create more employment and trading sources in Pakistan.


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