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First Battle of Panipat 1526

First Battle of Panipat 1526

The First Battle of Panipat (currently located in Hariyana State of India) heralded an end to the Lodhi Dynasty. It was fought between Ibrahim Lodhi, the ruler of the North India and Zaheer Uddin Mohammad Babur, the ruler of Kabul. Babur’s army had conquered the Punjab and he was looking forward to expand his empire to Delhi. Babur left for Delhi to fight against Ibrahim Lodhi whose army was bigger than Babur’s. But Babur the Battle of historical importance took place on April 21, 1526 at 6 AM.

The day witnessed the victory of Babur due to his well-disciplined army and management. Babur’s army consisted of 15,000 soldiers assisted by 20 to 24 pieces of artillery pieces. On the contrary, Ibrahim was equipped with almost 100,000 men including “non-soldiers” while the trained soldiers were reported to be around 30,000. Besides it, he had 100 trained elephants. But the Guns made the difference in the warfare when the elephants of Ibrahim Lodhi got scared of the sounds of the guns of Babur’s army and brought about the defeat of the former despite having a higher number of soldiers and artillery. The elephants, in a fix, toppled their own soldiers and caused a heavy death toll to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim was killed in the Battle field and Babur took the reins of Delhi. The Battle occupies a remarkable landmark in history as it laid the foundations of the Mughal Empire which lasted till 1857.


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