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Fertilizer Industry

Fertilizer Industry

Pakistan is one of major exporter of fertilizer with one of the worlds” biggest fertilizer plant which is recently constructed. Our country being an agricultural country, the consumption of fertilizer is a direct indicator of the growth of the agricultural sector. Fertilizer Industry of Pakistan is extremely fertile worldwide.

Over all industry capacity is approximately 7.5 million tons per annum; there are six big name of fertilizer producer Engro crop, Fuji Fertilizer, Fatima Fertilizer, Dawood, Hercules, ICI Pakistan and National fertilizer corporation. Pakistan is one of the leading exporter of fertilizer urea after fulfill the local demands Pakistan is in position to export all kind of agrochemical and fertilizer and also started work on Rock phosphate mines and ready to supply the demand of high grade of gypsum.

Pakistani urea is trusted as high grade fertilizer which is suitable for all crops on all types of soils and an excellent source of nitrogen for the vast majority of cultivated soils. Phosphate fertilizer is also good for all crops it is an equally good source on problematic soils on overall basis, it suits about 90% soil of the country.

Urea is widely used in the country and this fertilizer is white in color, frees flowing, soluble in water and contains nitrogen. Fertilizer Industry is a big source of trade of Pakistan and also creator of employment, over 30 manpower working with the Industry and huge manpower is associated with connected trading companies. There are six major companies and 14 factories which are producing fertilizer like: -Urea- ammonium phosphate- calcium ammonium nitrate-ammonium sulphate -nitro phosphate -sulphate of potash calcium phosphate has a rapid as well as permanent effect.

In this particular Industry there is no local association in the country, the country is the member of the International fertilizer association {IFA} the {PTUDC} Pakistan trade union defense campaign which works for safe guard the right of the workers.

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