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Ferozsons Publishers is also known as Ferozsons (Pvt) Limited, which was established by Maulvi Feroz-ul-Din in 1894, he was the first proprietor and organizer of publishing department. In the dominion of printing, publishing and selling books, Ferozsons is a name that is known precisely as the Industry Leader. He launched his work only by printing and publishing books in Lahore. As a result of his continuous workout his company has extended in almost 26 big cities of Pakistan. Now the company also sells the books in addition to printing and publishing.


In Pakistan it has a large network in distributing books. In Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and in many more, it have almost more than 200 markets of retailing and distributing. Its head office is at The Mall road, Lahore; almost five outlets are there in Lahore. There outlets in Lahore are at DHA, Ghaddafi Stadium, Shah rah-e-Quid-e-Azam, Urdu Bazaar and Pearl Continental Hotel.  It is the signature symbol for many book stores as it has educated and served the nation for the last five generations.



It is known to be the best selling department in Lahore and its achievements are unbeatable. Taleem-o- Tarbiat, For Hire and Pir-e- Kamil are some of its publishing books.

PEER E KAAMIL, well known and best seller publication

In the monarchy of publishing, printing and selling books it is the success icon. They are skillfully mastered in maintaining book collection for years. It is an ideal place for all the bookworms because of its superior printing, utmost variety of books and affordable prizes. It has provided its consumers an online and shipping facility. Tribute goes to their unswerving quality and maintained prices.



The building was built back in 1894in the Colonial era; the building is an old stone architecture. On 30th May, a fire broke out at the head office of Ferozsons and turned Rs 150 million worth of books into ash. The wooden building roof was also collapsed and turned the building into a black mass, which was the interment of emotions and ideas and the fire left nothing behind. It was just not a financial loss but a loss of many valuable memories which were also burnt away.ON FIRE... A TRAGEDY


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