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Ferozsons Group was first conquered by Maulvi Feroz ud din Khan in 1894, he first established Ferozsons publishing house which was in fact the first publishing house ever introduced. After a successful career of this publishing house the founder intended to form a laboratory and in a little while in 1954 a laboratory was introduced as Ferozsons Laboratory Limited. At the fledgling state of Pakistan the laboratory was the former of pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. In 1958, the tremendous operations were commenced by the company due to which it was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange as the foremost Pakistani Pharmaceutical company. Osman Khalid Waheed is the president at Ferozsons Laboratory Limited and a CEO at BF Biosciences Limited.



The Company has received “Top 25 Companies Award” 8 times by Karachi Stock Exchange. They are the market leaders through their collection of branded generics and licensed products. In the area of oncology, dermatology, cardiology, gastroenterology and anti-effective they are known as the master of pharmaceutical products in Pakistan. After their success in Pakistan they have started exporting their products in the markets of Asia and Africa.


The company is an authorized dealer of Boston Scientific Corporation, USA due to its vast variety of cardiac and peripheral products. The company also provides them a plate form to manufacture their products and launch them in Pakistan.



Ferozsons has recently started working with Labortorios Bago, Argentina and established first Bio-Tech plant at Sunder raiwind Road, its head office is in Sunder, Raiwind Punjab and manufacturing plants are in Nowshera, Pakistan.  Ferozsons laboratory plays an important role in manufacturing an immense variety of suspensions, tablets, ointments, syrups, capsules and creams. The laboratory is well equipped in the industry and possesses high Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC), UV-Visible spectrometers, Malver Particle Size Analyzers, Gas Chromatograph (GC) and Fourier Transfer-IR Spectrophotometer. In 2012, the Company took chief measures in spreading out its manufacturing products, by producing solid dosages and the operation will start in early 2013.



For outstanding achievement in the field of pharmaceuticals manufacturing, the laboratory has been awarded by the President of Pakistan. Ferozsons have also won Boston Scientific Corporation Award. They have signed an exclusive agreement with Biogaia of Sweden, the world’s leading probiotics company, for launch of its Protectis probiotic drops and tablets in Pakistan.


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