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Fatima Jinnah

Fatima Jinnah

Fatima Jinnah

Fatima Jinnah was one of the most figurative women of Pakistan. She was the younger sister of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. She was born in Karachi. She is commonly known as khatun-e-pakistan and Mader-e-millat.

Early Life and Career

Fatima Jinnah was born in Karachi on 31st July, 1893. Jinnah’s parents had seven children and she was very close to Mohammad Ali Jinnah. When their father died in 1901 Mohammad Ali Jinnah became her guardian. She joined Bandra Convent in Bombay in 1902. In 1919 she got admitted in University of Calcutta where she attended Dr.R Ahmad Dental College. After completing her graduation, she opened a dental clinic in 1923. Quaid-e-Azam supported her although the other members of the family are against her. When Quaid-e-Azam’s wife, Rutti Jinnah died leaving behind a daughter then Fatima Jinnah gave up her dental practice and decided to live with her brother and her niece.

fatima jinnah with friends

Political Life

Fatima Jinnah lived with her brother for about 28 years and she accompanied him on his numerous tours. In 1932 she joined him in London when he remained there after the second round table conference. When All India Muslim League was organized she was selected as a working member of the Committee and worked in that committee until 1947. On March 1940 she attended the Lahore Session of Muslim League. Fatima Jinnah was convinced that the Hindus are totally against the Muslims and dominate the Muslims completely. All India Muslim Women Student Federation was organized in February 1941 at Delhi. She worked for the Muslim women and she was an inspiration of Muslim Women.

Presidential Election 1965

Presidential Elections 1965 were held on January 2, 1965. There were four candidates, Ayub Khan, Fatima Jinnah and two other persons with no party. Fatima Jinnah lost the elections and Ayub Khan became the president of Pakistan.

Role in Pakistan

Despite her old age, she worked side by side with her brother and continued to help the social and educational associations. After the death of Mohammad Ali Jinnah she remained attached to him passionately. She worked for the Muslim Women and she formed a Women’s Relief Committee and All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA).

Honors and legacy

Fatima Jinnah remained extremely popular and is considered one of the most important women of Pakistan. She was a true star of the Muslim women. Unlike Ayub khan has given no honors and he was died with poor health but Fatima Jinnah were given tremendous titles and honors from the society and a monument was built under the remembrance of Fatima Jinnah after her death.


Fatima Jinnah was died on July 9, 1967. The official cause of death was heart failure but rumors persist that she was murdered at her house.


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