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Falooda is a very popular sweet and cold beverage in South Asian that contains verity of ingredients. Falooda is a modified form of a Persian non-liquid sweet dish known as “faloodeh”. In Pakistan, it is one of the famous beverages mostly used in summers. Not just in Pakistan but it is popular in many other countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and in middle east. This drink is easily available in the restaurants and even special falooda points are also established in Pakistan that are only famous for providing the falooda.

falooda in bowl

The origin of falooda can be traced to Iran. In the era of Mughal Emperor, this Persian dessert faloodeh was brought to India. Persian started to make faloodeh by mixing the homemade noodles with ice. To prepare Persian faloodeh vermicelli is used. Vermicelli can be said that it is a thick form of spaghetti but in Pakistan, it is often made up with the wheat noodles. With the passage of time, Persians improve the technique and added some rose water and sugar with vermicelli. Today there are several ways to prepare falooda. There are varieties of ingredients that can be added up to give it a different taste.


People have different tastes and they accordingly prefer to have falooda. However, noodles are the essential part of falooda but in some versions falooda is made without noodles and are replaced by the blended fruits. Falooda can be served as milkshake. One very popular version of falooda is with Kulfi. In this version, kufi is added up with the noodles and sweet syrup to enhance its taste. Many other ingredients like jellies, dry fruits, tapioca pearls and canned fruits are added in it. Diverse flavors like mango flavor, chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor and fig flavor etc are also available in falooda.

falooda with topping

Making of falooda is not that difficult. To make falooda the required ingredients would be fine rice vermicelli, chilled milk, pistachios, almonds and jellies as per requirement, fine powder of sugar, basil seeds, rose water and ice cream/kulfi as per choice. To prepare falooda, first, boil the vermicelli as you boil the pasta until it gets tender and then strain it and keep it aside to cool. To make syrup, put the milk, almonds, pistachios and sugar powder in a blender and blend it well. Now put this mixture in refrigerator to be chilled. In a bowl pour enough water and put the basil seeds in to be completely submerged. Soon they will start to swell and become transparent with a black dot in it. Stain it and keep it aside. Now take a bowl or a glass and put some vermicelli in it and some basil seeds on it. Now pour the chilled milk on it. For the garnishing purpose put some jellies and dry fruits on it.

falooda flavoredfalooda servingFalooda wala

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