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Faiz Mahal Khairpur

Faiz Mahal Khairpur

Pakistan is a land of natural beauty and beautiful historical places built by mankind of different era. If we talk about the great historical buildings of Pakistan we have a lot. These buildings, tombs, forts, Masjids, and palaces are famous for their architectural beauty and attraction that catch the visitor’s attention from all over the country and from the world.

Khairpur District is situated in the provincial territory of Sind Pakistan also has some great historical buildings, tombs, and fort. These historical sites are beautifully designed, and constructed with great effort. Most of the history belongs to Mughal Empire.

In Khairpur there is a building, a palace that has a history of more than 200 hundred years is known as “Fiaz Mahal” built by the imperial family of Kahirpur, the Talpur Mirs in 1798. This historical asset is also called “Aram Garr” a place of rest.

It is very difficult to maintain the look and attractions of the historical places accordingly, as they were on the time when they were constructed, but this statement is not true if we talk about Faiz Mehal. The classical palace consists of many buildings and gardens that still looks beautiful and catches the visitor’s attention. This palace is a classic piece of Mughal construction style, and artwork. You cannot describe its beauty in one word. If we talk about the outer side of the palace it is stunning, the inner side we can say is beautiful, cool, and airy that takes us back to the old Mughal time’s buildings. The interior decoration and the setting environment are concluding at comfort, and luxury. Simply this palace is unique by its structure, its calligraphy work, and designs, handi craft, and its gardens. There were no such palaces was built that looks like Faiz Mahal and its structural beauty, which is an extreme example of architect.

The provincial Government plays a major role to maintain the beauty of this historical site by providing the funds. We can say that walking in the Faiz Mehal will be a great experience of your life that you will never forget.


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  1. It’s beautiful. No doubt it’s one of the splended buildings in Pakistan. It’s the glorious architectural assets of Pakistan. Love the place

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