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Faisalabad Clock Tower

Faisalabad Clock Tower

Among all the historical places, Faisalabad Clock Tower is one of those places that are still standing in the original condition. Faisalabad is the city of Punjab, Pakistan and is the third metropolis in Pakistan and second one in Punjab. It was previously known as Lyallpur. It is one of the major industrial cities in Pakistan. This city plays an important role in the economy and export of the Pakistan. It is an agricultural city and it plays 55% part of Pakistani export in cotton, wheat, fruits, vegetables, sugarcane etc.

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Apart from industrial and agricultural aspect, this city has some important historical sites. Faisalabad Clock Tower is one of the oldest historical sites that is from the time of British Raj standing in its original state. During the nineteenth century, British ruled much of the South Asia and they built so many sites here and many of them are not in the original state and are ruined with the passage of time. However, one of the luckiest sites is the clock tower of Faisalabad that exists in its original condition. British built this Clock Tower.

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Construction of this huge clock tower was started on 14 November 1903. The foundation of this majestic clock was laid by the Sir Charles Riwaz the governor of Punjab and a landlord of Mian family of Abdullahpur. The fund of 18 RS per square of land was collected and to complete the project this fund was handed over to Municipal Committee.


This clock tower is situated in the old part of the city and is very popular in the whole country especially in Faisalabad. This place is also used by the mayor (nazim) of the city on the festivals like Eid and Independence Day who deliver their speeches here. This tower clock is known as Ghanta Ghar by the local people of the city that in English means Hour House. Eight markets surround this tower clock that look like the flag of United Kingdom from a bird’s eye view. The layout of markets and clock tower still exists and can be easily viewed by using the Google Map software.

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This clock tower adds the beauty and importance to the city and is the attraction for the people visiting Faisalabad. This clock tower or ghanta ghar is a landmark of Faisalabad that is standing for more than 100 years and is a mark of British rule.

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