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Sindh the Mystic

Sindhi Karhai


The province of Sindh known for its diverse culture is rich in creative embroiders which moved from different parts of India. These embroiders create stunning pieces of embroidery which highlights the creativity in themselves. Among all the famous embroidery work of Pakistan, Sindhi karhai is quite famous that plays a great part from the beautiful province of Sindh. This Sindhi ... Read More »

Sindhi Ajrak


Ajrak is a shawl that is worn by Sindhi, Seraiki and Southern Punjabi people. It is a piece of cotton cloth shaped like a shawl has special designs and different patterns made using block printing by stamps. The colors that are used for making these designs or pattern are red, blue, black, yellow, green, etc. From many years ajrak is ... Read More »

Sindhi Dress


Dresses can be tailored with in a single day however which one to tailor is a question whose answer has something to do with tradition followed throughout history in a particular region. With in a single country there are many dresses due to diverse culture, tradition and social norms followed since time.¬†Sindhis also wear Shalwar Kameez with Ajrak and Sindhi ... Read More »

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