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Sindh the Mystic

Lyari Town


In Karachi the eighteenth constituent town of Sindh is Lyari Town, which is the smallest town by area in Karachi. Being a smallest town it is the most densely populated area. Lyari town is sited to the north of Lyari River and to the east of Saddar. In the history of Lyari in 2000, the idea of reforming the town ... Read More »



In the north-western part of Sindh, Pakistan, lies the fourth largest city known as Larkana or Larkano. Larkana is situated within Larkana District. Until the year 1900, Larkano was named as “Chandka”. The hundredth anniversary of its beginning was celebrated in August 2004.  Larkana is generally situated on the south bank of the Ghar canal, which is 40 miles to ... Read More »

Tando Adam Khan


A town situated in Sindh, Pakistan known as Tando Adam, this city is also recognized as Daran Jo Shehar as it consist of eight gates in different places and was located in Nawab Shah District until 1955, but later was founded in Sanghar District. Tando means “cantonment” in Balochi language. Mir Adam Khan established this city. The city was popularized ... Read More »



The third largest city of Sindh province is Sukkur. In Pakistan it is located at the west bank of Indus River in Sukkur District. Sukkur is also spelled as Sakharu which means “superior” in Sindhi. Darya Dino is the nickname of Sukkur, as this city would be a desert without the Indus River. According to a survey inhabitants of Sukkur ... Read More »

Orangi Town


In the northwestern part of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan is a town named Orangi town. This town is considered to be the largest town of Karachi. It has government demonstration, even though it is the lowest tier of the government.  This town is basically developed with lower class but all essential amenities of life are available for the natives. But some ... Read More »

Sehwan Sharif:city of Hazrat Laal Shahbaz Qalandar

tom of lal shehbaz qalandar.jpg

Sehwan Sharif is considered as one of the most important historical places of Sindh. It is situated at a distance of 193 kilometers from Karachi on the right bank of river Indus in the Jamshoro District. The latitude of Sehwan is 264,333 and longitude is 678,667. It is a small city which comprises of total population of about 41,500 people ... Read More »

Migrants in Karachi


Defined as a group of people with idiosyncratic philosophical, religious and/or political opinions; sects are everywhere. In Pakistan there are countless sects all over the country namely countless exist in Karachi. Following the diversity of population available in Pakistan one cannot be sure as of how many sects are there; may that be political or religious. Following the existence of ... Read More »

Explore the mystic city of Bhambore


Bhambore reflects the rich cultural heritage and historical Significance of the province of Sindh, Pakistan in the true sense of the word. It basically displays the ruins of ancient port city of Debal and is located near Karachi right at the base of Indus River. Bhambore is widely famous for the ruins of a castle which was destroyed by Muhammad ... Read More »

Sea View Karachi


Stretching from Karachi (Sindh) to Ormara (Balochistan) is the magnificent coastline of Pakistan. In its natural pristine magnificence it stands as one of the most bio diverse and beautiful of the world. Due to the wide and diverse array of natural beauty and wealth of life it has become a heaven for fishermen, tourists and conservationists. With the blessings of ... Read More »

Faiz Mahal Khairpur


Pakistan is a land of natural beauty and beautiful historical places built by mankind of different era. If we talk about the great historical buildings of Pakistan we have a lot. These buildings, tombs, forts, Masjids, and palaces are famous for their architectural beauty and attraction that catch the visitor’s attention from all over the country and from the world. ... Read More »

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