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Chakwal District


A well-known city in Punjab, Pakistan is known as Chakwal, it is the capital of Chakwal District. From Islamabad it is about 90km away. The city was named after Chaudhry Chaku Khan, he is the chief of Mair Minhas tribe from Jammu, and In 1525 CE he founded this city during the ruling period of the Mughal Emperor, Zaheerudun Babur. ... Read More »

Pak Tea House

pak tea house1

          Lahore is a city of Pakistan, located in the Punjab province. Lahore is famous in all over the country because of its food, culture, history and historical places but above all another fact makes it famous that is the literary activities and intellectual people living over here. Lahore is known as cultural and literary hub of Pakistan as many ... Read More »

Lala Musa


A small city in Pakistan which is about 145 km away from Islamabad and almost 139 km away from Lahore is known as Lala musa. Lalamusa is positioned in Gujarat District in Northern Punjab province. It is equidistant between Islamabad and Lahore. Karnana, Kharian and Gujarat are its neighboring towns. It was named after a person named Musa and the ... Read More »

Attock District


In the north west of Punjab, Pakistan is a district recognized as Attock District. It is in the midst of Pindigheb, Attock tehsil and Fatehjang from Rawalpindi District of the Punjab province of British India, the city was formed in April 1904 by the amalgamation of Talagang in the Jhelum District. In 1581, Attock Fort complex was built by the ... Read More »

Lahore Ring Road

Lahore Ring Road (10)

Around Lahore, Pakistan, an 85 km long 6-lane high-speed limited access road is constructed and named Lahore Ring Road. This road makes a link with M-2 Motorway and the N5 National Highway. Slow moving vehicles such as bicycles, motor cycles, animal-driven carriages and pedestrians are not allowed on this road and road is only restricted to fast moving vehicles. 80 ... Read More »

Delhi Gate Lahore

Historical delhi gate lahore

In the historical city of Lahore a rich culture and  architecture of the Mughal era can be witnessed. The famous Delhi Gate Lahore, Mughal Emperors were very fond of constructing buildings, gateways, and gardens etc. These masterpieces of Mughal era reflect the intelligence and capabilities of the Mughals. Those construction techniques cannot be beat by the modern construction techniques. All ... Read More »



Chauburji is one of those mainly famous shrines among the architects and ancient structures of the historic city, Lahore, which was built by the Mughals, in their time. Who designed its architecture, and when? It was the majestic doorway to a beautiful Mughal garden, which is situated on the Multan Road. The historical garden, which has now become a history, ... Read More »

Role of Islamabad in the development of Pakistan


Islamabad, the capital city of the state of Pakistan, is also the 10th biggest city of the country. It is also a beautiful city of Pakistan, where tourists from all over the world come to visit. The population of Islamabad is recorded at 1.7 million according to the last year analysis. It is regarded as the most developed city in Pakistan. ... Read More »



Punjab is one of the province of Pakistan in which there is a beautiful city Rawalpindi which is locally recognized as Pindi. The city is located near the capital of Pakistan which is Islamabad and it is in the Potohar Region. The city was a small city with a population of 180, 000 even Hyderabad and Multan were larger than Rawalpindi ... Read More »

Andrun Lahore


Pakistan is the land of beauty and every city of it has some unique beauty in it so is the Andrun Lahore. Andrun Lahore is a city which lies in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is capital of Punjab. It is also the second largest city of all situated along the River Ravi. In olden times Andrun Lahore was ... Read More »

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