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Chakwal District


A well-known city in Punjab, Pakistan is known as Chakwal, it is the capital of Chakwal District. From Islamabad it is about 90km away. The city was named after Chaudhry Chaku Khan, he is the chief of Mair Minhas tribe from Jammu, and In 1525 CE he founded this city during the ruling period of the Mughal Emperor, Zaheerudun Babur. ... Read More »



Kotli is a beautiful place in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, which is a chief town of Kotli District. In 15th century a royal family of Kashmir founded it which is documented in the history of Punjab Hill states. Kotli and Poonch stayed autonomous until restrained by Ranjit Singh in 1815 and 1819 correspondingly.” Kotli was first known as Kohtali means “under mountain” but later the ... Read More »

Walled City of Peshawar

old city of peshawar

             Peshawar is one of the Pakistan important metropolitan cities that is located in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province. Peshawar is one of the old and historical cities of Asia. An old portion of this city is known as the walled city of Peshawar. Many of the walls were built here and during the British Raj, some Cantonments guarded by barbed ... Read More »

Jandi Chontra


Pakistan is among those luckiest countries that have been blessed with numerous beautiful and adventurous places which are mostly used as tourist’s point. Azad Kashmir is the most beautiful place of Pakistan and within this area lies a small town in Bhimber district recognized as Jandi Chontra. It is also a famous local tourist spot of Azad Kashmir. From the ... Read More »

Hattian Bala


The tenth district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan is known as Hattian Bala. The head quarter of its district is it situated in the city of Hattian Bala. Chikakr, Hattian Bala and Leepa are the three Tehsil that are in this region. In 1948, it was the division of district of Baramula, Tehsil Uri before the establishment of Azad Kashmir. Till ... Read More »

Lyari Town


In Karachi the eighteenth constituent town of Sindh is Lyari Town, which is the smallest town by area in Karachi. Being a smallest town it is the most densely populated area. Lyari town is sited to the north of Lyari River and to the east of Saddar. In the history of Lyari in 2000, the idea of reforming the town ... Read More »



In the north-western part of Sindh, Pakistan, lies the fourth largest city known as Larkana or Larkano. Larkana is situated within Larkana District. Until the year 1900, Larkano was named as “Chandka”. The hundredth anniversary of its beginning was celebrated in August 2004.  Larkana is generally situated on the south bank of the Ghar canal, which is 40 miles to ... Read More »

Sethi Mohalla

sethi mohalla

Peshawar is one of the historical city of Pakistan and has many historical and worth visiting places. An old portion of this city is known as walled city. This old portion of the city has an area in it named as “Sethi Mohalla”. This mohalla once consisted over two dozen houses but today around one dozen of original houses including ... Read More »

Pak Tea House

pak tea house1

          Lahore is a city of Pakistan, located in the Punjab province. Lahore is famous in all over the country because of its food, culture, history and historical places but above all another fact makes it famous that is the literary activities and intellectual people living over here. Lahore is known as cultural and literary hub of Pakistan as many ... Read More »

Ansar Burney

ansar burney

  Syed Ansar Ahmed Burney is the resident of Karachi and is the son of Syed Mukhtar Ahmed Burney. He has two sons, one daughter and a grandchild. He was born on 14 August 1956. He is a leading and renowned human rights and civil rights activist of Pakistan. During 1970, in his youth, he was a prominent student and ... Read More »

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