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Sindhi Dress


Dresses can be tailored with in a single day however which one to tailor is a question whose answer has something to do with tradition followed throughout history in a particular region. With in a single country there are many dresses due to diverse culture, tradition and social norms followed since time. Sindhis also wear Shalwar Kameez with Ajrak and Sindhi ... Read More »

Imran Khan as Cricketer


It was 25th march 1992. The venue was Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) where a man wearing lime green cricketing jersey was lifting a Waterford Crystal Trophy on dais. It was the moment when Imran Khan as cricketer achieved a landmark in the history of Pakistani Cricket. It was the instant when he turned the dream of his nation into reality. It ... Read More »

Hazara Nation

Hazara Nation

Hazara nation is one of the unique nations of the world since they can be identified just by their unique facial features. Hazara nation men have flat forehead, tiny yet flat noses and their hair and eye brows are not that thick. They have fair complexion. In short you can say that most of their features resemble to Koreans and ... Read More »

Mines In Balochistan


Balochistan is famous for its mineral resources. Weather it’s a coal or gold, almost every worthy mineral exist in Baluchistan, Saindak Project is its example. The mines in Balochistan are playing big role in contributing to Pakistan’s economic prosperity. Mines In Balochistan Yet a very little of it is discovered and properly utilized you can imagine its economic growth impacts if ... Read More »

Balochi Dress (Balauchi Dress)


The Balochi dress has some traces of the Mesopotamian culture. The Balauch men wear long shirts of long sleeves too with turban on their heads. Balochi Dress: Shalwar Kamiz The women wear Shalwar and loose Kameez comprising of magnificent needle work. The exclusiveness of the Balochi dress is the inclusion of pocket in front side of the women clothing. It helps ... Read More »

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