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The Historic Mir Chakar Khan Fort


Pakistan is very lucky to own many rich historical places which are situated in different areas of the country. These Historical spots include many forts related to numerous areas of this beautiful country.Mir Chakra’s Fort is just a wonderful addition to these precious historical places in the province of Baluchistan. Mir Chakar’s fort is one of famous 15th century forts situated at ... Read More »

Major Muhammad Tufail Shaheed


Major Muhammad Tufail Shaheed was born in Hoshiarpur in 1914. He was commissioned in Pakistan Army inside 16thPunjab regiment in 1943. During his professionally exceptional career he served in several instructional and command posts related to his very own Battalion. But the fate had decided to choose something best for him. During 1958 he was posted to East Pakistan Rifles (a ... Read More »

Governor House Quetta

Quaid-e-Azam_at_Government_House_Quetta (1)

Governor House Quetta is the place where Governor Baluchistan lives along his family. It serves as the official venue of Governors where many receptions and functions are hosted. Quetta is a small city with different beautiful natural places and historical building. Governor House Quetta is one of these buildings. The 100 years old chair manufactured in 1911 is also in ... Read More »

The Shopping At Quetta !


There are different places and bazaars in Quetta city where anyone can go and do shopping. The main bazaars are in different areas of the city that is Jinnah Road, Abdul Sitar Road, Masjid Road, Liaqat bazaar, Prince Road and different mauls are available in different areas to facilitate citizens. Other than these the CSD and Bolan Shopping centre in the ... Read More »



Punjab is one of the province of Pakistan in which there is a beautiful city Rawalpindi which is locally recognized as Pindi. The city is located near the capital of Pakistan which is Islamabad and it is in the Potohar Region. The city was a small city with a population of 180, 000 even Hyderabad and Multan were larger than Rawalpindi ... Read More »

History of Zubair Aslam a.k.a. Jhara pehalwan


Zubair Aslam a.k.a JHARA Pahalwan, was the son of Aslam pahalwan who belonged to the renowned GAMA family of legendary wrestlers. He had to maintain the prosperity of his ancestors, and so he did by making his career in wrestling. Zubair was trained under the supervision of different experts of wrestling, while Arshad Bijli was one of the trainers who ... Read More »

Bholu Pehalwan – The mighty wrestler of ‘50s


Haji Manzoor Hussain, known as Bholu Pehlwan, was the most famous wrestler of his time. Bholu’s name was listed in the history of Pehalwaan-baazi (traditional wrestling). He belonged to a Gujjar GAMA wrestling family from Amritsar, Punjab. He passed his childhood in Amritsar for 9 years. He was 9, when it was his school vacations; he went Patiala to pay ... Read More »

Malala Yusufzai


The people of Pakistan are literate enough to discriminate between right and wrong which have been proven by the young brave girl of Swat namely Malala Yusufzai. The girl is just 13 years old and she stood up to protect the rights of the girls’ education. She raised her voice and championed the cause for the people of Swat against ... Read More »

Hazara Graveyard


Hazara Graveyard is the oldest and most historic graveyards in Baluchistan. It is situated in the foot of Mordar Mountain. Hazara Graveyard as written on its main gate is specifically allocated for Hazara people all over the world. This graveyard is very wide as it ranges till ones eye sight can seek. Hazara Graveyard was formed in 1898.The oldest grave ... Read More »

The Charm of Balochi Music


As described in previous articles, you know that Balochi are very different and unique nation. Today we are going to let you know about their music. Balochi Music is mostly performed by group of people known as Ostas. Ostas can be from tribes of Baloch nation but mainly they come of the Rend Tribe. The Ostas render their services to ... Read More »

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