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Cashmere Wool


Cashmere wool is souvenir of Kashmir. The beauty of Kashmir is worthless and there is no comparison of that beauty with all other areas of that world that full of natural scenes, lush green mountains with sky high trees, snowfall, waterfalls, fruits, animals, birds, etc. if you want to feel the nature very near you, just plan a visit of ... Read More »

Kashmiri Karhai


Kashmiri karhai, also known as Kashida is a beautiful as Kashmir itself. This Kashmiri embroidery reflects the natural beauty of Kashmir and is appreciated for its uniqueness. The creative embroiders of Kashmir do this embroidery so well that the other person loves to see it again and again. Colorful threads are the main material required to do this karhai and ... Read More »

Pashmina Shawls


Kashmir the paradise on the earth has many attractions that catch the visitors from all over the world is also very famous for its handmade products that mostly manufactured with natural elements. One of its products that we can say is very famous by the women all over the world due to its uniqueness, softness, and warmness is Pashmina Shawls. ... Read More »

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