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Let’s Eat out in Quetta!


Quetta is a very lively city you can eat and roam around here discovering amazing things you didn’t know before. In this article we will let you know about specialty of “Quetta Cuisine”. They are traditional and belong to each tribe which lives in Baluchistan. You should once taste it when you visit the beautiful city of Cold Quetta. Here we ... Read More »

Showbiz Celebrities from Baluchistan


Baluchistan has been the fertile land of talent. Weather its music, drama, art, politics or education Baluchistan has given many big names to Pakistan. Here in this article we will see the big names of showbiz who belong to Baluchistan. So here we go. Jamal Shah Jamal Shah is one of the big names in art scene of Pakistan. He ... Read More »

The Balochs


Balochs are the residents of Baluchistan. They are called Balochi. Balochi have their own history. This nation is brave and has a unique culture. Their clothing, their music, their customs and culture for each event from wedding to death have stand alone status in the bouquet of Nations in Baluchistan. Balochi can be termed as fairly good looking people. They ... Read More »

Wali Tangi


Tangi is a name for the passage of water. This water may come from mountains from the ice melted up. Hence Wali Tangi is a dam which stores and utilizes fresh water coming from Suleiman Range Mountains. One of these mountains is Zarghoon hills. Wali Tangi dam is constructed by Pakistan Army to provide fresh water to people of Hanna ... Read More »

Command and Staff College Quetta


The command and staff college Quetta is oldest and most prestigious military institution of the world. It’s the institution which trains the Pakistan army officers for new technologies of war. Command and Staff College Quetta was first situated inDeolali when it was first established in 1906 but a year after when the first batch completed their courses it’s moved to its ... Read More »

The Balochi Wedding


The Balochs have their separate wedding rituals, which are enchanting and unique. The balochi wedding is really beautiful and full of colors belonging to life. Usually the balochi wedding continues for 7 days. Let’s see how it happens when Baloch pals celebrate their wedding. Qilla Qilla is the first two days of wedding ceremony. In Qilla the bride is asked ... Read More »

Hazargi Wedding


Weddings are the most enjoyable event in one’s life and different nations celebrate this by their own customs. Hazara nation (you can know about them in current site) have beautiful and unique customs and traditions of celebrating the wedding. Here in steps I will tell you that how it happens to wed in Hazara nation. Khastghari Khastghari means to ask. ... Read More »

Ziarat -the valley of beauty


Ziarat is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Pakistan. Its greenery, natural landscapes, the highest peaks of khilafat hills and the historic places like Quaid-e-Azam (R.A) residency makes it worth seeing. Ziarat is situated 2400 meters away from Quetta. It’s the capital of district Zhob. Ziarat is one of those districts who have highest human development index. It ... Read More »

Balochi Women Life


The woman of Baluchistan is different from the woman belonging to other parts of country. It does not mean that they have one hand spare or they have four eyes, they are same as all woman but yeah their life style and their patterns of thinking are different. The woman of Baluchistan belongs to both urban Baluchistan who have access ... Read More »

Hanna Lake


Hanna lake is one the main attractions in Quetta city. It’s the ideal place for holiday makers. Hanna Lake is situated near Hanna Udak. It’s 14 km away from Quetta. Hanna Lake was developed by the British Empire in 1894 to save the rain water coming from the cheltan hills around. It is a reservoir for the water but now ... Read More »

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