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Moeen Akhtar

moeen akhtar

Moeen akhtar was Pakistan’s television, film, and stage actor. He was the host of many programs. He wrote plays, directed and produced films. He was a singer as well. He got worldwide fame due to his comedy and humorous programs that he presented. He was truly a legend and a versatile actor. He could be said one of the pioneers ... Read More »

Pishin Valley


In Balochistan, Pakistan in the Pishin District lies a beautiful valley famous as Pishin valley. From Quetta it is about 50 km away. The place is equipped with numerous orchards. Pishin Valley consists of thousands of fruit orchard. It is basically a fruitful land where numerous crops and fruits are grown. This valley is mostly famous for its greenery and ... Read More »

Pir Chinasi


In Pakistan, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir lies the most well-known and the highest place Pir Chinasi. The altitude of Muzaffarabad is about 2200 ft from the sea level where as the height of Pir Chinasi is about 10,250 ft.  It is basically a Shrine of Saint of Grater Kashmir Hazrat Shah Hussain, renowned as the Kind of mountains, lord of lions. ... Read More »

Phandar Valley


On earth, Pakistan is the luckiest country, that has been conferred with four different seasons, among these Autumn is more eye-catching for photography in Gilgit-Baltistan as during this season the valleys turns into colors like yellow, brown, orange, red and golden which looks very appealing to the eye. Phandar valley is also an attractive valley which is positioned in District ... Read More »



Azad Kashmir is blessed with numerous beautiful places and the place itself is a master piece. In Azad Kashmir, Pakistan a small town is located known as Pallandri which is situated in the Sudhanoti District. Pallandri is basically a head quarter of Tehsil Pallandri and Sudhonati District. It was also the first capital of Azad Kashmir. From the capital of ... Read More »

Nagar Valley


Pakistan encompasses numerous magnificent valleys in its various cities. In Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan, Nagar Valley is located which is sited near Gilgit Valley, which is also a well-known valley of our country. It is a division of Hunza Nagar District. The valley is directorially further subdivided into two tehsils and they are named as Nagar-1 and Nagar-2. The estimated altitude ... Read More »



The largest and capital city of Mirpur District is Mirpur and even it is the largest cities in the area of Jammu Kashmir directed by Pakistan. In summers it is quiet hot in Mirpur as it connects northern plains of the Punjab. Mirpur itself has been modernized where as other areas nearer to it remains agricultural. Due to its huge ... Read More »



Hub is situated in the Lasbela District of Balochistan and ii is the capital of the Hub Tehsil. It is the industrial city of Balochistan, its actual name is Hub chowki, it was known as chowki as there was a police chowki post named as Nakahi but after the expansion of several factories and numerous companies the name of the ... Read More »

Khari Sharif


Azad Jammu Kashmir is blessed with numerous beautiful places. In Mir Pur District of AJK is an agricultural area known as Khari Sharif. Widely known as Alaqa-e-khari, belongs to the productive plains of khari which lies between the hills of Mirpur and the river Jhelum. There are almost 80 small and large villages in Khari and among these villages one ... Read More »



The beautiful place of Azad Kashmir and the chief town of Bagh District in known as Bagh. This headquarter of District Bagh is approximately at the distance of 100 km from Muzaffarabad by the way of Kohallah and almost 80 km through Sudhan Gali. From Islamabad Bagh is about 205 km away and from Rawalkot it is at the distance ... Read More »

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