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Every country’s economy usually depends upon the things it export to other countries and if any country is good at making something and it really make it of a better quality than other countries then it is a plus point for that country because then only the export of that country will increase due to which economy of the country will also get better. Very few countries are lucky in its exports and fortunately one of the luckiest countries in this matter is Pakistan. When it comes to exporting stuffs then Pakistan is always mentioned because of the greatest advantage it have and that is free port, not only one free port but it have 2 free ports one is in the city of Karachi and other one is in Gwadar. Every cargo ship has to pass through Pakistan because of the sea route that has been made for exporting materials.


Pakistan is an agricultural country so it mostly produce agricultural things such as fruits, vegetables, wheat, rice and all other agricultural things but it exports does not totally depend on the agricultural things. Besides agricultural things Pakistan’s economy is based on textiles, food processing, chemicals and some other industries too. But amongst all these things Pakistan’s most important exports are related to textiles such as; yarn, bed linen, garments and cotton cloth, sports goods, leather goods, chemicals, rugs and carpets. These are important exports of Pakistan for which it is recognized in the market of the world. Pakistan’s major partners for export are United Sates of America, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Afghanistan and China. 15.87 percent of overall export goes to United States of America, 12.35 percent of all export goes to United Arab Emirates, 4.7 percent of all export goes to United Kingdom, 8.48 percent of all export goes to Afghanistan and 4.44 percent of all the export goes to China.

Pakistan has uncountable amount of minerals in its land not only in quantity but also number of different types of minerals and Pakistan export almost all of these minerals. Common mineral which Pakistan export are Silica, Chromate, Fluorite, Limestone, Magnese, Gypsum, Barite, Quartzite and Magnesite. Pakistan have quality of International standard of these minerals and that is the reason Pakistan is well recognized in the world market of minerals because large amount of minerals are exported from Pakistan everywhere that add up in the revenue of the country and help in making the Pakistan’s economy better.

Pakistan earns around US $25 billion each year just from its exports. The most recognized and important exports of Pakistan are cotton and rice. They generate the largest amount of revenue as they are highly demanding things of other countries and fortunately Pakistan have a great quality of these 2 things. Pakistan is amongst the biggest exporters of rice and cotton. Pakistan can earn more from its exports to get the economical conditions better of itself but it can only happen if the political and internal matters come to an end.


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