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Export of Pakistan

Export of Pakistan

Export of Pakistan overview

Growing or manufacturing the product and sale to other countries is called export which is major source of income to run the country and create employments for their people and provide them necessities of life like education, health and reasonable shelters. Export of Pakistan is primary source of foreign revenue.

Developed countries planed and utilized their available raw materials and produce the finish goods for local consumption as well as for export.

Pakistan is an under developing agriculture and Industry based country in many areas. Pakistan has potential to fulfill the requirements of its local demands and also earns valuable foreign exchange to firm the financial stability to construct the infrastructure for further developments and invites the foreign investors.

Pakistan’s main crops are cotton, rice and wheat they are all cash crops. Pakistan has strong Industry of steel, cement, fertilizer, cotton, cloth, cotton yarn, raw cotton, synthetic textile, fish and their products and also a big producer of sports goods, marble goods and surgical instruments, carpets and rugs.

Pakistan is among the top ten producers of Wheat in the world ,11th in the productions of rice which Pakistan export to more than 30 countries, the brand Basmati is famous for its taste size and smell. Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of cotton after china, India and America. It is 5th largest producer of sugar cane and having near 800 sugar mills and cottage industries. Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of best quality dates of the world after Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran, maximum of its production exported both in fresh and dried form to more than 20 countries.

Pakistan is 6th largest producer of Mango and 3rd largest producer of Apricot; it is amazing that Pakistan is 2nd largest producer of milk and dairy products. Pakistan is sufficient in food and export the surplus to needy countries. Unfortunately the benefits of these gifts of God have never reached to common man, the profit taker pocket the whole profit, another reason is that Pakistan is the huge populated country which import a big volume of Mineral oil edible oil and colors, machineries, chemicals, drugs, tea and paper and above all we spent the huge amount on defense.


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