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Tempting Chutneys


Chutney is basically a family of condiments from the cuisine of South Asia. From Sanskrit word catni the word chutney came into being that means to lick. In previous times chutney was more used as dipping sauce rather than condiment. Chutney is a mixture of vegetables or fruits and spices. Nowadays chutney comes in diverse variety and all the varieties ... Read More »



Pakoras a mouth-watering snack ideal in rainy season and is the main snack in aftaris. These are usually served as a snack or appetizer. This is mostly famous in countries like India and Pakistan. In Britain it is mostly famous as a fast food snack. Pakoras are known as asdhaltjies among Muslims Cape Malays of South Africa and these are ... Read More »



Samosas are the popular snack in entire world. This snack is mostly eaten in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Pakistanis are fond of this snack. It is an ideal snack in rainy season and even our iftaar tables are incomplete without these snacks. Samosas have numerous varieties such as alu ka samosas, sweet samosas, Chinese samosas, bread samosas, vegetable ... Read More »

Dahi Baray


Dahi Baray is the most favorite street food of Pakistanis. It is the most preferable snack during the month of Ramadan. It is also liked in other parts of the world mostly in Asian countries like Pakistan and India and in India it is known as Dahi Vada. It is also a typical dish served on many occasions even in ... Read More »



Kachori is the most popular snack in the month of Ramadan in several areas of Pakistan. Pakistanis favorite hobby is to eat, the more they can especially in the blessed month of Ramadan. They are crazy bout eating, mostly in Ramadan oily and heavy snacks are the part of Iftar table and Kachori is also an oily yet heavy snack. ... Read More »



Jalebi is a well-known sweet item; it is a popular sweet in subcontinent areas like Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well as in several other countries in the Middle East and North Africa that includes Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt and Algeria. In Pakistan these are available in numerous stalls and shops. This is ... Read More »

Fruit Chaat


In the life of Muslim Ramadan plays an essential role, so in this blessed month of Ramadan people love to eat different appetizing dishes after Iftar. When Ramadan comes everyone’s first interest is to what to make in sehri and Aftari and their first priority is to make best dishes for both. There are many traditional dishes that represents our ... Read More »

Aloo Chana Chaat


Pakistanis are known as food lovers and they love to eat without caring about the time, diet and so on. In Ramadan they enjoys their habit of eating a lot as variety of food items are available at the time of IFtar. There are several food items without which our Iftar tables look incomplete among these Aloo Chana Chaat is ... Read More »

How to make Biryani

how to make biryani

Biryani !! so tempting as heard. All of us know about the deliciousness of this magnificent dish. It makes our parties, dinners, get-together,  weddings and all other traditional and non-traditional occasions so special. We try to serve this fantastic dish to our special guests and expect to be served with when invited. There are many types of Biryani, differ from region to region for example ... Read More »

How to make Kheer


Kheer can be called a rice pudding. It is a traditional sweet dish, equally popular and famous in all over the subcontinent. Because of being a sub-continental dish, it has different names in different languages. In Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi it is known as Kheer. It is called Ksheer in Sanskrit, Payasam in Tamil and Payesh in Bengali. In Persian, ... Read More »

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