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If you were born in somewhere between 1970’s to 80’s, spent childhood in these years, went to school, park or at picnic with your family in summers, then you must have remembered the bell which took you out of home, when its break time in school or at off time your there would be lot of Thela’s selling different things ... Read More »

Sugarcane Juice

sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is the drink that is famous all over the world especially in the countries that produce sugarcanes. Pakistan is one of the counties that produce the sugarcane on the large scale. This beverage is very famous in the whole country. Roadside vendors can be seen offering the sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice is also known as “roh” or “ganny ... Read More »



Falooda is a very popular sweet and cold beverage in South Asian that contains verity of ingredients. Falooda is a modified form of a Persian non-liquid sweet dish known as “faloodeh”. In Pakistan, it is one of the famous beverages mostly used in summers. Not just in Pakistan but it is popular in many other countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri ... Read More »


golay wala

Gola, in English it can be known as shaved ice or crushed ice. It is an ice based dessert. In Pakistan, it is very popular among people especially children get attracted towards it easily because of its colorful and catchy look. It is not difficult to find it in Pakistan especially in summers where you can see hawkers and carts ... Read More »

Gur Making

gur making in pakistan

Gur is sweet in taste and honey brown colored raw form of sugar. Gur is made of sugarcanes and at times refers as natural sugar. Gur Making is famous in Punjab both in Pakistan and India. The uncontaminated and clarified juice of sugarcane is boiled at the point, where it left in a solid form is called gur. Gur can ... Read More »

How to make Biryani

how to make biryani

Biryani !! so tempting as heard. All of us know about the deliciousness of this magnificent dish. It makes our parties, dinners, get-together,  weddings and all other traditional and non-traditional occasions so special. We try to serve this fantastic dish to our special guests and expect to be served with when invited. There are many types of Biryani, differ from region to region for example ... Read More »

Gulab Jamun

gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is a desert, a sweet dish that is very popular in sub continent. The word Gulab jamun is the combination of two words Gulab (rose) a flower and jamun (jambul) name of a fruit.   People in the countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are very fond of this dish. This same dish is known by ... Read More »

How to make Kheer


Kheer can be called a rice pudding. It is a traditional sweet dish, equally popular and famous in all over the subcontinent. Because of being a sub-continental dish, it has different names in different languages. In Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi it is known as Kheer. It is called Ksheer in Sanskrit, Payasam in Tamil and Payesh in Bengali. In Persian, ... Read More »

Gol Gappay

gol gappay

Mouth watering…! As you read gol gappay. Gol gappy are the street snacks of Pakistan. In English it can be said a water ball with some stuffing in it. Gol gappa is a round crispy ball that is placed in the mouth and one can be eaten at a time. These are very light snacks. In Pakistan, it is not ... Read More »



Kaanji is a beverage. It is a fermented drink. Kaanji is a specialty of spring season. Kaanji is one of the traditional drinks in Pakistan. People Pakistan especially Punjab are very fond of it. It is a delicious salty and sour drink. This drink is made of black carrot. The color of this drink is dark purple often seems like ... Read More »

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