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Reshma pakistani singer

          Pakistan is the country that gave birth to many folk and sufi singers. Reshma is one of those folk singers of Pakistan. Not just in Pakistan but she is very popular in many countries especially in India. Reshma was born  in Bikaner a small village in Rajasthan. She belonged to a gypsy family. Her family soon ... Read More »

Miyan Tansen

miyan tansen

Miyan Tansen At the centre of India there is a small town name Gwalior. In this town is the tomb of the greatest musician ever lived named Miyan Tansen. Miyan Tansen born in 1493 or 1506 son of Mukund Misra  is considered to be one of the greatest musicians of Hindustan. His birth name was Ramtanu Pandey. He was famous ... Read More »



Pakistan is a country with dense culture and colorful traditions. Pakistan posses various things which have gained international recognition and are used as identity of Pakistan. Sufi Music is the one which is highly appreciated in this country and everyone loves to take part in it due to its religious importance. Instruments like harmonium, tamboora and Nay are the soul ... Read More »

Flute (Bansuri)


Pakistan is a land blessed with talented musicians. Music lives in this country and is a part of every region and Pakistan has a total of six hundred musical instruments. Flute has a vital importance in music of Pakistan as it is appreciated by most of the Pakistani people and various talented flute singers are found in every part of ... Read More »



Harmonium is one of the six hundred instruments of Pakistan and is playing a vital part in music of this country from many decades. The best and the most interesting thing about this instrument is that its sound is produced by air. Harmonium is of western origin and was created by a French man with foot pedal but after a ... Read More »



Performing arts of one side was not appreciated in Pakistan but now its trend has become famous. Religious dance forms have been given acceptance from hundreds of years in our country. Various religious dance forms are practiced in Pakistan until today and Dhamaal dance is one of them. This form of dance is popular among people who are attracted to ... Read More »



Bhangra is a form of folk dance associated with the culture in Punjab. The dance form basically originated in the Punjab region, located in both Pakistan and India. Bhangra is considered as the core ingredient of the festivities in the Punjabi culture, accompanied with a single-stringed instrument called the iktar, the tumbi and the chimta and the powerful beats of ... Read More »

National Anthem – Qomi Tarana


Qaumi Tarana refers to a national anthem which is a musical composition based on patriotism and oriented to present historical struggle of a nation for a cause e.g. revolution, to form a country etc. It is recognized officially by respective government as national song aired usually official ceremonies, parades of armed forces and similar occasions. Pakistan also has its Qaumi ... Read More »

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