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Culture & Heritage

Concept of dowry in Islam


Islam has no concept of giving Dowry, but still in several Muslims customs this tradition seems to be increased. Particularly in regions like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In actual fact, the custom of giving dowry has never been legitimated by Islam and is not widely spread in Muslims of other ethnicity. It appears to be the replication of previous Hindu ... Read More »

Thtta & Makli Hill Graveyard


Thatta is considered as one of the oldest city of Sindh. It is situated on the west of the Arabian Sea and Indus River, East of the Karachi city and spread over the area of 98 Kilometers. ‘Thatto‘ is the name of the Thatta city in Sindhi language. The chief crop grown here is Sugar cane, and because the area ... Read More »

Sindhi Dress

sindhi dress ajrak

Dress is body clothing of humans and it develops in different environments, different areas according to the economic facilities available over a long period. Traditions, culture, and at times, emulated with religion like the one the long robs of Arabs. As Sindh is known as Bab ul Islam and it was concurred by Mohammed bin Qasim an Arab man that ... Read More »

Patiala Shalwar

Patiala Salwar

Patiala Shalwar is trendy platted shalwar famous among women. Asian culture is full of variety either it is about construction, food, living styles or wear. There is a variety of dresses that people wear in Pakistan and among all, shalwar qameez is the most popular traditional dress worn by men and women. In women wear, shalwar qameez come in many styles and ... Read More »

Chunri Dresses

chunri dresses

Chunri or Dopatta is used to cover head and body and its a symbol of grace. Chunri dresses are also famous due to its colors and style available in market. Chunri dresses are trendy, casual and unique feeling of style. The primary use of dupatta is to cover the head but in current fashions the dupatta is frequently draped over ... Read More »

Punjabi Dress

punjabi dress

People in Punjab wear colorful and stylish clothes. There are countless designs for both men and women. Punjabi Dress is famous for its styles and look. These dresses express the culture of Pakistan. A very common wear is shalwar Kamiz among men and women. There are different types of fabrics available according to taste, region and culture. The suit can ... Read More »



Charpoy Charpoy/manji is an ancient furniture style still used extensively today charpoy is very light bed a single man can carry. The Charpoy is very versatile and functional piece of furniture we have taken this simple design to make many different pieces of furniture thus we have several sizes which include beds benches and footstools. “Char Paya” in Persian meanings ... Read More »


dhoti (1)

The dhoti is the traditional men’s and women’s garments in the Asian subcontinent in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.  The Dhoti is like a rectangular piece of un-stitched and stitched cloth, normally long enough to five to seven yards and tied around the waist and legs and knotted at the waist. There is no doubt to say that dhoti ... Read More »

Baskety – basket weaving


Basketry or basket weaving is a skill used in weaving willow or vegetable fibers. Many magnificent and marvelous products are made with this skill in Pakistan. The most popular type of this basket weaving skill is the Indian basketry as it is known in all over the world. Other than willows and fibers, stems, pine straw, hides, animal hair, and ... Read More »



Paranda is a tradition, a symbol of Pakistani culture like by the women of villages and also by the women belong from the cities. There is no doubt to say that it is a traditional eastern wear. A woman that wearing a causal shalwar suit can make her dress more beautiful and attractive by wearing matching or contrast color paranda. ... Read More »

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