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Art & Craft

Salt Crystal Lamps

salt lamp pyramid

Salt crystal lamps are made from crystal salt rock [formed by nature millions of years ago] and crafted by hand very carefully to maintain its originality. It is unique in look and gives free natural alternative nutrias to surrounding which improve air freshness. These salt crystal lamps are produced in Pakistan near Chakwal (Khewra). Pakistan has one of the biggest ... Read More »

Lacquer art in Pakistan

lacquer art

Lacquer Art It is scratching skill of the artisans which makes a significant difference in the lacquer art to make beautiful designs on wooden pieces. The major products in lacquer art wood work are candy jar, table lamp, Jewell box and decoration pieces were made in this wooden group of art. Lacquer work has always been famous and recognized in ... Read More »

Marble Art Work


Marble Art Work Pakistani land is blessed with various types of minerals and rocks. The types of soil also vary, so that we can grow every kind of fruits, vegetables and crops. Among all the useful minerals, onyx and marble are the one. Marble art work is famous in world. These two minerals are usually found in the province of ... Read More »

Wood Carving

wood carving

If one thinks about buying some pieces of wood carving, then the city of Chiniot for beautiful wooden art pieces comes to his mind first. Chiniot is world famous for wood carving and has a unique importance not only in Pakistan, but in all over the world. The city produces the best quality wood carved pieces. This carving done on ... Read More »

Embroidery Work

Embroidered kurta from Baluchistan, Pakistan, Asia

Embroidery work is done on a large scale in Pakistan. Not only men, but women of Pakistan also do this elegant work on different types of clothing and accessories. Embroidery work has importance in Pakistan as well as in its neighboring country India. So, it must be said that embroidery is the token of traditional work of these two countries. ... Read More »

Ralliart Work


Rallis are made with remarkable artwork done on them. These art pieces created by the women of Sindh side consist of beautiful patterns and creative designs. Creativity is something, which is always present in every human being and so in the women of Sindh. Rallis are made with a lot of hard work and creativity. It is one of the ... Read More »

Ralli Quilt


Ralli quilts are time-honored or traditional quilts, a symbol of hand art that made by the women of Sindh a province of Pakistan. Ralli is also known as gindi, rillis, etc. The ralli is a cultural icon for the area where they made. This traditional piece of art is used to cover the bed or charpayi, or quilts can also ... Read More »

Mirror Work in Embroidery


Mirror work usually known as Sheesha Work is an embroidery type. It is done in dry arid regions of India and Pakistan. This elegant embroidery is done with different shapes of mirrors that create a deep sensation in the hearts of other people. This handwork of ordinary people looks so accurate and perfect and due to this, Mirror work has ... Read More »

Islamic Calligraphy Art


The inventive practice of handwriting/calligraphy sharing an Islamic ethnic heritage is called Islamic Calligraphy. This form of art is constructed on Arabic scripting, which was utilized by all Muslims in their relevant patois for a very long time. As making pictures of living things is prohibited in Islam, so Muslims exhibit their artistry in this way. Calligraphy is particularly respected ... Read More »

Islamic Art & Craft


The concept of Islamic art is somewhat different, but it has played a huge role in the fields of architecture, paintings, handicrafts, calligraphy, pottery and music. Islamic art is something associated with the beliefs of Muslims. It is being done in sub-continent from millions of years and still it has its own importance in our country. People appreciate this art ... Read More »

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