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Tomb of Mirza Essa Khan Tarkhan


Makli is considered to be the largest burial ground of the world about eight KM in diameters located at few distance from Thatta the capital of Sindh in the 17th┬ácentury. This place Makli, is believed to be the burial place of more than 1.2 million famous and most popular Sufi saints. This place was listed in the world heritage list ... Read More »

Tomb of Jam Nizamuddin


Jam Nizamuddin Son of Jam Sadr Udn Bin Jam Umar was the most eminent and popular leader of Sama Dynasty. Jam Nizamuddin was born on 25th┬áRabiul Awal 1439 A.D in Thatta, ruled over Sindh and the other part of different provinces (1351 to 1551 CE). He was also called Jam Nanda. The power and the hold were reached at the ... Read More »

Jehangir Tomb


The tomb of Jahangir, the resting place built for the 4thMughal Emperor (he ruled from 1605 to 1627) is located near the town of Shahdara Bagh in Lahore. This tomb was built 10 years after the death of the king by his son Shah Jahan. Its placement is commendable within an enclosed garden. On the corners four octagonal towers have ... Read More »

Daata Saab Darbar


Situated in the heart of Lahore, Data Sahab Darbar is among the primogenital Muslim reliquaries in the whole of Pakistan and India. It acts as a house to the remnants of Abul Hassan Hajvery, a famous Sufi Saint. With the passage of time he has become to be usually known as Data Ganj Baksh, connotation; the treasure bestowing master. It ... Read More »

Shah Jamal


The walled city of Lahore has so much in it. You can call it a city of landmarks as it offers various such places regarding history. Amidst these landmarks is the Tomb of Shah Jamal which is located in the town of Ichhrah, Lahore. The tomb was built for the great Sufi Baba Shah Jamal and includes a Masjid combined ... Read More »

Tomb of Madhu Lal


Famous Sufi poet Hazrat Shah Hussain; born in 1538 is commonly known to be as Madhu Lal Hussain. His tomb is situated in Baghbanpura near Shalimar Garden, Lahore. On his shrine every year in spring people celebrate his festival and usually a public holiday is also announced on that day. He died in 1599, he was buried at Shahdara but ... Read More »

Abbasi Graveyard (Fort Derawar)


Abbasi Graveyard: The state of Bahawalpur enjoys the honor to join Pakistan soon after the establishment when the Raja of the state announced to affiliate with Pakistan so the abbasi graveyard Locating in the south of the river Sutlej and being a part of the Cholistan, Bahawalpur is famous for its historical monuments of the Abbasid dynasty. It was founded ... Read More »

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