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There is no doubt to say that the Almighty blesses Pakistan with a lot of personalities. Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal was one of them. Allama Iqbal was great poet, philosopher, and a unique thinker. He was born in November 9, 1877, and died in April 21 1938. Lahore is a great and old city and known as the palace where ... Read More »

Tomb of Bulleh Shah


Bulleh Shah was a famous poet of Pakistan and he was born in 1680 in Bahawalpur and he was died in 1758. He was a Punjabi Sufi poet and his real name was Abdullah Shah. His tomb is situated in Kasur it is near the city of Lahore. Structure of the Tomb The shrine of Bulleh Shah is in a ... Read More »

Tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam (RA)


There is a lot that we can find in the city of Multan, a city that is ornamented by the nature with many historical and architectural beauty-holding buildings that we called or in some cases known as the shrines, mausoleums or tombs , etc. So if these tombs and shrines have a huge spiritual value for us imagine about the ... Read More »

Tomb of Baba Farid Shah Ganj


Born on 7th May, 1280 Fariduddin Mas’ud Ganjshakar, commonly known as Fariduddin Ganjshakar was Sufi preacher from the 12thcentury and belonged to the Chishti order of the Sufism from South Asia. He is known the main for being the pioneer of poetry in Punjabi language and being one of the vital saints belonging to Punjab. He is illustrious to Muslims, Hindus ... Read More »

Tomb of Jan Baba

Niche at the Tomb of Mirza Jan Baba, Thatta

Thatta is being proud to be one of the historical, ancient cities situated 4 miles from Indus River in Sindh province, Pakistan. Thatta is famous for the amazing Shah Jahan Mosque, also for the world largest necropolises. This necropolises is located in Makli is about 15 kilometers having hundred of houses and is the home of millions of graves (i.e. ... Read More »

Tomb of Diwan Shurfa Khan


Pakistan is not only the country which is famous for its beautiful rivers, high peak mountains, attractive scenery & agriculture but it is also famous for the historical monuments. Major of the historical places, statues, art work, designs is located in Sindh, a province of Pakistan. A small area situated in Sindh is few miles from Thatta 8 Km in ... Read More »

Tomb of Heer


Heer and Ranjha were among the most famous people of Punjab. Their love story is very famous among the people but it was a very tragic love story. The folktale on the story of Heer-Ranjha was presented by Waris Shah. Tomb of heer is situated in Jhang. Heer and Ranjha both were buried in Jhang and their lovers visit the ... Read More »

Tomb of Shams Tabraiz


There is no doubt to say that Pakistan is very rich and a country that full of many types of treasures. These treasures are available under the soil of the Pakistan in the shape of natural elements and also over the soil of the Pakistan. Pakistan’s natural beauty, the historical buildings, Tombs, Mausoleums are also considered the cultural treasures of ... Read More »

The Tomb of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakria (RA)


Multan is the sacred city of Pakistan. The city is famous for the shrines, Masjids, and symbolic tombs of the Aulia Allah (The Saints). Multan is the only city of Pakistan that has the pride over the other cities of the country to welcome a large number of the respected and noble personalities of the Muslims. The ruin of Western ... Read More »

Tomb of Waris Shah


The great Sufi poet Waris Shah was born in 1722 in Sheikhupura, Punjab. He is known as one of the best Punjabi poets. His folk tale known as Heer-Ranjha got popularity not only in Pakistan but crossed the borders as well. He died in 1798 but his work made him immortal. His tomb is in Jandiala Sher Khan and is ... Read More »

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