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Abbasi Graveyard (Fort Derawar)


Abbasi Graveyard: The state of Bahawalpur enjoys the honor to join Pakistan soon after the establishment when the Raja of the state announced to affiliate with Pakistan so the abbasi graveyard Locating in the south of the river Sutlej and being a part of the Cholistan, Bahawalpur is famous for its historical monuments of the Abbasid dynasty. It was founded ... Read More »

Abbasi Mosque (Fort Darawar)


The evening is flooding into the grandeur of the Abbasi Mosque Bahawalpur and I am standing out of it and thinking. over the callousness of time which sweeps everything away. The sky-high minarets of the mosques are perhaps looking for the bygone caravans who erected them in the desert of Cholistan. The dusk embracing with the beautiful architecture of the ... Read More »

Fort Derawar


Passing by the Cholistan of Bahawalpur, Fort Derawar, the history looks back and talks of the bygone lanes. The slow sauntering camels ring the knells in the silence of the desert. And their feet imprint their existence on the sand and are very soon swept away by the wind. Soliloquy of the past can be heard in the citadels erected ... Read More »

Minar e Pakistan


Minar e Pakistan is not limited to a tall minaret only. It commemorates a historic event which formed the basis of Pakistan’s creation. Yes we are talking about a beautiful, tall minaret of modern architecture situated on the same site (Iqbal Park Lahore) where on March 23, 1940 Pakistan Resolution was passed to demand a separate homeland for Muslims residing in Indo-Pak Subcontinent. ... Read More »

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