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Fort Sangni

Fort Sangni

Fort Sangni, almost one hundred and Seventy years old fort, is located near Village Bewal of Rawalpindi District. It is surrounded by hills from three sides and was an ideal location according to the defense point of view. People say that Bewal looks like Mirpur of Azad Jammu and Kashmir due to its scenic view. Right before entering the village, ... Read More »

Mangla Dam


Mangla Dam is situated in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir and is built on River Jhelum. It is 138 meters high and possesses the length of 3,140 meter, which makes its capacity area of 5,880,000 acre/ft. Because of its capacity, it is known as 16th largest dam in the world. The foundation stone of Mangla Dam was laid in 1961 and it ... Read More »

Mohatta Palace in Karachi

mohattaha palace

Near the seashores of Karachi, there is a mesmeric building, which always captures attention of people visiting sea view. Just across the street of Karachi’s Famous Shrine of Sufi Saint Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi, there is a pink Anglo Mughal style building known as Mohatta Palace Karachi. Mohatta Palace was built by Agha Ahmad Hussain, first Renowned Muslim Architect of ... Read More »

Hiran Minar


History sometimes becomes interesting and sometimes it just astonishes you whenever you read something like an Emperor built this building as a tribute to another emperor, or to his wife, or family. However, there is a place in Pakistan, which was built in memory of Pet Deer of an Emperor. Yes, we are talking about the Hiran Minar built By ... Read More »

Katas Raj Temple

katas raj temple

Pakistan is the country having beautiful cities, lakes, valleys and historical places. One can find historical mosques, forts, temples etc in Pakistan. Katas temples are also known as Katas raj temple is one on these historical places located in the village named Katas near Choa Saidanshah in district Chakwal of Punjab, Pakistan. It takes little effort to reach the temples. These ... Read More »

Rawat Fort

rawat fort

Pakistan has inherited a wide array of heritage sites, six of which have been inscribed on the list of “World Heritage Sites”. Other than those six heritage sites, Pakistan have a lot more sites which are considerable for the tourists and cultural heritage. Some small sites are not known to many people but still these have a history behind. One ... Read More »

Rohtas Fort


Rohtas fort was built basically for military purposes in 1541-43. Sher Shah Suri built a strong equipped complex at the North West of city Jehlum (now the part of Pakistan), after the defeat of Mughal Emperor Humayun. The fort was built to control the aggressive local people, the GHAKKARS, and as a safety measure against the return of Humayun. But it did not ... Read More »



Chauburji is one of those mainly famous shrines among the architects and ancient structures of the historic city, Lahore, which was built by the Mughals, in their time. Who designed its architecture, and when? It was the majestic doorway to a beautiful Mughal garden, which is situated on the Multan Road. The historical garden, which has now become a history, ... Read More »

The Historic Mir Chakar Khan Fort


Pakistan is very lucky to own many rich historical places which are situated in different areas of the country. These Historical spots include many forts related to numerous areas of this beautiful country.Mir Chakra’s Fort is just a wonderful addition to these precious historical places in the province of Baluchistan. Mir Chakar’s fort is one of famous 15th century forts situated at ... Read More »

Bibi Pak Daman in 2011


The shrine/sepulcher of Ruqayyah binte Ali is acknowledged as Bibi Pak Daman. Fables tell us that the mausoleum holds the crypts of six females from Muhammad’s PBUH ménage. These ladies include Ruqayyah binte Ali, who was the female spawn of Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH son-in-law and cousin Ali ibn Talib with his consort Umm-ul-Bannin binte Huzaam. Bibi Pak Daman, meaning “females ... Read More »

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