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Batura Sar


Batura Sar recognized as the 25th highest mountain of the world, it is also identified as Batura, Batura 1and even as Batura 1East. In Pakistan, it is documented as the 10th mountain.  It is the highest peak of the Batura Muztagh, which is the westernmost subordinate array of the Karakoram Range. It shapes the summit of the Batura Wall that is the continuous ... Read More »

Faisalabad Clock Tower

clock tower_faisalabad

Among all the historical places, Faisalabad Clock Tower is one of those places that are still standing in the original condition. Faisalabad is the city of Punjab, Pakistan and is the third metropolis in Pakistan and second one in Punjab. It was previously known as Lyallpur. It is one of the major industrial cities in Pakistan. This city plays an ... Read More »

Jahangir Kothari Parade


The beautiful and colorful architectures are considered as a pride of Karachi city. The furnished parade opens door to access the Clifton Sea known as Jahangir Kothari Parade. The location of the parade is exotic and its beauty is increased by fascinating views of sea.   Seth Jahangir Hormusji Kothari, the real owner of the site and a distinguished personality ... Read More »

Hiran Minar


History sometimes becomes interesting and sometimes it just astonishes you whenever you read something like an Emperor built this building as a tribute to another emperor, or to his wife, or family. However, there is a place in Pakistan, which was built in memory of Pet Deer of an Emperor. Yes, we are talking about the Hiran Minar built By ... Read More »

Pakistan Monument


Pakistan Monument, new monument that has recently been built and erected in Islamabad reflects the unity of the four provinces and three territories. There had been a nationwide competition organized in which renowned architects participated. After a lot of consideration, judges finally approved the design proposed by Mr. Arif Masood. The concept behind the design was representation of a blooming flower ... Read More »

Minar e Pakistan


Minar e Pakistan is not limited to a tall minaret only. It commemorates a historic event which formed the basis of Pakistan’s creation. Yes we are talking about a beautiful, tall minaret of modern architecture situated on the same site (Iqbal Park Lahore) where on March 23, 1940 Pakistan Resolution was passed to demand a separate homeland for Muslims residing in Indo-Pak Subcontinent. ... Read More »

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