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Altit Fort


There are numerous forts that were built by Mughal Emperors in ancient times. Altit Fort is also a visible example of these forts, it is an ancient fort located on the top of Karimabad in the Hunza valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. In the beginning it was the habitat of the heredity monarch of the Hunza state who were recognized as ... Read More »

Sialkot Fort

Sialkot Fort

Near the Chanab River, in the northeast of Punjab province or Pakistan, a city and capital of Sialkot District known as Sialkot is located. From Lahore, it is about 125 km in north. The history of Sialkot can be traced back to the thousands of years. Since the foundation of Sialkot, many nations like Hindu, Persian, Buddhist, Turk, Greek, Afghan, ... Read More »

Fort Bala Hisar


One of the most historic and worth visiting places of Peshawar city of province Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa is the Fort Bala Hisar. The word Bala Hisar means, “elevated of high fort” that is from Dari Persian. The Pashtun King Taimur Shah Durrani named the fort as Bala Hisar for whom this fort was the winter capital of the Afghan Durrani Empire ... Read More »

Malot Temple Fort

malot fort

Pakistan is the country that has so many historical places. There are many forts and temples located here that can be traced back to the centuries. Some temples like Malot Temple Fort date back to the sixth to early eleventh century are located along Indus River and in the Sault Range mountains. Dotting the salt range there are five temple ... Read More »

Forts of Pakistan 3


 Pacco Qillo Fort:               In the Hyderabad city of province Sindh, Pakistan a beautiful sample of early modern fortification still exists that is known as Pacco Qillo Fort. Formally, this fort was known as Pacca Qilla. This fort of Pakistan has the unique architecture that is different from the other forts of Pakistan. This Qilla was built by Ghulam Shah. ... Read More »

Forts of Pakistan 2


Ramkot Fort: Among ancient forts of Pakistan a fort named as Ramkot is located besides the Mangla dam in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. This fort can be found over the site of an old Hindu Shiva temple and is located on the summit of a hill. The River Jehlum surrounds the fort from three sides. The Muslim rulers of Kashmir in ... Read More »

Forts of Pakistan 1

rawat fort

Pakistan is the country that has many historical places and cities that can be traced back to the centuries. People from diverse cultures and religions migrated here and ruled on different parts in the different periods. During their rule, they built and constructed different forts, temples and mosque etc that Pakistan inherited in 1947 after the independence. There is a ... Read More »

Diji Kot Fort

Kot-Diji-Fort (9)

A fort known as Diji Kot Fort is located in the town of Diji Kot in Khairpur District, Pakistan. This town is located at the edge of Nara-Rajasthan Desert that is about 25 miles east of Indus River. The Diji Kot Fort was previously known as Ahmadabad Fort. The Persian architect Ahmed designed this fort and fort was named after ... Read More »

Omer Hayat Mahal

omer hayat mahal

Omer Hayat Mahal is a wooden architectural wonder of Chiniot, Pakistan. It was built in 19th century and also known as Gulzar Manzil. Omer Hayat Mahal is located in the heart of city and was a five story building. In 1993, because of storms and heavy rainfall the upper two stories were removed that were affecting the adjoining buildings. For ... Read More »

Baltit Fort


In Gilgit-Baltistan in Hunza Valley, an ancient fort knows as Baltit Fort or Balti Fort was built 700 years ago. A local prince in 16 century married princes of Baltistan and as a part of her dowry she brought the master Balti craftsmen to renovate the fort for her. The Tibetan style of Buddhist reflects from the architecture that gives ... Read More »

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