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Explore Pakistan

Modern Building Architectures in Pakistan


Pakistan has a rich architectural history and remnants of some of the earliest civilizations in the world can still be seen in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro where modern principles of town planning, architecture and public health engineering were applied so impressively. Likewise, remains of the British era can be seen in Lahore which houses the breath-taking Badshahi Mosque, splendid Lahore Fort ... Read More »

Nerian Sharif


Khwaja Pir Ghulam Mohiduddin Ghaznavi, a prominent saints of the Naqshbandi chain, malformed an unpopulated land into a center of religious and Islamic guidance. In earlier times Narian Sharif was a jungle, a habitat for wild animals and was fully covered with trees and plants. Due to its location many were unaware of this beautiful place as it was not ... Read More »



Koh-e-Murad is a famous shrine of Turbat, Balochistan. It is a holy place for Zikris where they usually offer their prayers. Sayed Muhammad Janpuri the founder of Zikris and Imama-e- Aakhiruzamaan visited this place as stated by many Zikris. On every 27th of Ramadan the members of Zikris get together for ziarat of this holy shrine. The faith of Zikris ... Read More »

Batura Sar


Batura Sar recognized as the 25th highest mountain of the world, it is also identified as Batura, Batura 1and even as Batura 1East. In Pakistan, it is documented as the 10th mountain.  It is the highest peak of the Batura Muztagh, which is the westernmost subordinate array of the Karakoram Range. It shapes the summit of the Batura Wall that is the continuous ... Read More »

Concept of dowry in Islam


Islam has no concept of giving Dowry, but still in several Muslims customs this tradition seems to be increased. Particularly in regions like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In actual fact, the custom of giving dowry has never been legitimated by Islam and is not widely spread in Muslims of other ethnicity. It appears to be the replication of previous Hindu ... Read More »

Altit Fort


There are numerous forts that were built by Mughal Emperors in ancient times. Altit Fort is also a visible example of these forts, it is an ancient fort located on the top of Karimabad in the Hunza valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. In the beginning it was the habitat of the heredity monarch of the Hunza state who were recognized as ... Read More »

Tempting Chutneys


Chutney is basically a family of condiments from the cuisine of South Asia. From Sanskrit word catni the word chutney came into being that means to lick. In previous times chutney was more used as dipping sauce rather than condiment. Chutney is a mixture of vegetables or fruits and spices. Nowadays chutney comes in diverse variety and all the varieties ... Read More »



Pakoras a mouth-watering snack ideal in rainy season and is the main snack in aftaris. These are usually served as a snack or appetizer. This is mostly famous in countries like India and Pakistan. In Britain it is mostly famous as a fast food snack. Pakoras are known as asdhaltjies among Muslims Cape Malays of South Africa and these are ... Read More »



Samosas are the popular snack in entire world. This snack is mostly eaten in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Pakistanis are fond of this snack. It is an ideal snack in rainy season and even our iftaar tables are incomplete without these snacks. Samosas have numerous varieties such as alu ka samosas, sweet samosas, Chinese samosas, bread samosas, vegetable ... Read More »

Dahi Baray


Dahi Baray is the most favorite street food of Pakistanis. It is the most preferable snack during the month of Ramadan. It is also liked in other parts of the world mostly in Asian countries like Pakistan and India and in India it is known as Dahi Vada. It is also a typical dish served on many occasions even in ... Read More »

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