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Aftar Gathering


Ramadan is an auspicious month in which the verses of Quran were revealed to our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) that is why this month is very special to all of Muslims. During this month, the Muslims keeping fasts are subjected to refrain from food and sins. A fast starts from dawn till the sun goes down; during this time the participants ... Read More »

Sehri- Ramzan


Fasting in the holy month of Ramzan is an obligatory act for Muslims. What pleases Allah the most, is the person who refrains from eating, drinking and other desires for the sake of Allah. The purpose of fasting is to teach patience, self-control, humility, submissiveness to Allah and to purify the souls. Scientifically it resets the metabolism to a slower ... Read More »



“Ramadan” is an Islamic month, a month of blessings for Muslims. In Ramadan Allah has increased its rewards many times because Muslims fast for the sake of Allah. They refrain from eating, drinking and sex during fast. The duration of fast is from the Fajr prayer (dawn) until Maghrib prayer (dusk). The time when Muslims break their fast is known ... Read More »

Lucky Irani Circus


Lucky Irani Circus (Traveling Company Show) is the brain child of Mian Farzand Ali who gave dimensions to performing arts through his home made picture productions. His drive for creating excellence in performing art never ceased and with passage of time he established “Lucky Irani Circus” as the one acclaimed for winning hearts of millions through quality entertainment. Though the ... Read More »



In Islamic lunar calendar Shab e Barat is the preceding night of 15th day of Shaban (8th month of Islamic Calendar). On 24th of June 2013 this holy night is approaching. It is spent by Muslims by praying and feasting throughout the night with mosques illuminated. Often termed as “Night of Emancipation” it is considered as the night when ALMIGHTY ... Read More »

Milad Ul Nabi

eid milad

Eid Milad ul Nabi is an occasion which marks the birthday of founder of Islam Hazart Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in the third month of Islamic calendar called Rabi ul Awal. It is a religious event which is celebrated by Muslims with spirit just like a carnival. Processions are held with banners marking the teachings of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Homes and Masjids ... Read More »

Urs Daata Saab


It was the 967th Urs Daata Saab of Hazart Data Gunj Bakhsh (Hazart Syed Ali bin Usman Hajvery (RA))  in historic city of Lahore. The event started by inauguration from Punjab Chief Minister along with Chairman Religious Affairs Committee, Minister for Auqaf and other ministers with tightened security arrangements (to tackle any adverse situation). Thousands of devotees were there who ... Read More »

Kites – Flying Beauties


Yesterday I was in interior Lahore there I saw a very glorious kites those attracted a lot. In that very moment a thought jumped in my mind that who invented this beautiful joy so here is my minor attempt. Kites: History According to written references the motherland of this thing is Ancient China dated back to 200 BC but probably ... Read More »

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