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Pir Mangho


The Urs of famous Sufi Pir Mangho i.e Haji Syed Sakhi Sultan took place once in a year. The shrine of his is located at Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The urs marks the death anniversary of Pir Mangho. In Dhu-al-HIjjah the Islamic month this event took place. This Urs completely differs from the more extensively known Sheedi Mela. In Karachi, it is the ... Read More »

Bridal Mehndi


Mehndi is a type of traditional fine art which was created in ancient Times. In Pakistan, the Mehndi is the most essential and filled with joy before several wedding ceremonies and is mostly celebrated by the family of Bride. Even in Bangladesh, they have separated Mehndi festival into two separate events; one is arranged by the family of Bride and the ... Read More »

Chand Raat in the city of Lights


Chand Raat the night of enjoyment, It is enjoyed in almost every part of Pakistan in a very traditional way. Even in the city of lights that is Karachi this night has a significant importance and this night is among does nights that cannot be ignored. During chand raat Karachi turns in the most blissful, lively and heavenly city. All ... Read More »

Mendi Craze in Chand Raat


Muslims after the month of Ramadan enjoys Chand Raat, which is usually declared by the Mufti’s after sighting the moon and announces the Eid. In Pakistan, the trend of chand raat is celebrated from earlier times. Pakistanis are crazy about this night. They come out with their family members for shopping, eating or just for outing. Mendi Craze in Chand ... Read More »

Bangles shopping in Chand Raat


Chand Raat is an occasion that enhances the charm of buying bangles and applying Mehndi on hands, girls are mostly crazy about both of these and this craze increases more mainly on chand raat. During this unforgettable night girls flock towards the beautiful stalls organized in numerous markets in the last hours of chand raat. Buying of glittery bangles, jewellery, ... Read More »

second day of Eid


Eid–ul-Fitr is an occasion to celebrate and commemorate the ending of Ramadan in a traditional way. This event has significant importance in the life of Muslim as this Eid comes after the Holy month of Ramadan. Muslims after 30 days of fasting enjoys this Eid with their loved ones. With much passion and enthusiasm the occasion of Eid is celebrated ... Read More »

Chand Raat


Chand Raat, the night of silvery moon, is the most expected occasion for all the Muslims. Chand Raat is the event that is celebrated with traditional occasion and cultural passion for searching new moon that indicates the conclusion of blessed Ramadan and beginning of Eid-ul-Fitr. Chand Raat is celebrated and enjoyed by everyone in their own specific style but chand ... Read More »



Ramadan is a month of blessings and brings countless blessings to its folllowers; Muslims during this prestigious month perform good deeds to be showered with the blessings of their God. During Ramadan several Ibadat are performed among these every night congregational prayer is performed after the prayer of Isha which is known as Taraweeh. This prayer is lead by a ... Read More »

Lailatul Qadr


Lailatul Qadr, the night of blessing, the night of Decree. The greatest night of the year as Arafah is the greatest day of the year. A full Surah of Suratul Qadr was revealed by Allah in this night and even the 3rd to 6th verses of Surat ad-Dukhan were also revealed. In this night of blessing the Quran was revealed ... Read More »



Itikaf is a kind of worship which is conducted in the prestigious month of Ramadan particularly in the last month ashra of Ramadan. Itikaf passes on a spiritual blossom, by fastening one from all ties of everyday life and through absolute surrender to the Lord of worlds. It is performed by staying in a mosque for a specific time period. ... Read More »

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