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Emperor Akbar’s Administration

Emperor Akbar’s Administration

Though Akbar followed the Central System derived from Delhi Empire but he amended some departments according to the need of the day. His administration ran as


Mir Bakhshi was the Army Chief responsible for battles and defense against enemies along with informing the Emperor about military developments, needs, and perils.

Mir Saman performed the duties of handling Harem and the household.

Chief Qazi was the head of judiciary responsible for the judicial affairs and religious bequests.

Wazir shouldered the responsibilities of all financial affairs of the State besides the Jagirs and conquered lands.

Akbar introduced Dehsala System (Decade System, which was derived from Raja Todar Mal, the revenue minister of Sher Shah Suri) to levy taxes on the public instead of annual system. It was to collect one-third of previous ten years’ crops in the form of cash. In case of drought or flood the peasants were granted remission.


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