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Embroidery Work

Embroidery Work

Embroidery work is done on a large scale in Pakistan. Not only men, but women of Pakistan also do this elegant work on different types of clothing and accessories. Embroidery work has importance in Pakistan as well as in its neighboring country India. So, it must be said that embroidery is the token of traditional work of these two countries. Pakistan possessed many textile production ideas from the start and also adapted some at the time of Partition. Many craftsmen moved from the neighbor country to Pakistan. Not only this, but Pakistan also adapted some of the embroidery techniques from Afghanistan, Iran and China so it must be said that most of the Pakistani embroidery techniques are a mixture of these four countries.

Many types of embroidery techniques are used to create beautiful pieces of this artwork. Pakistan produces elegant sheesha work pieces which have their own importance in Pakistani needlework traditions. Pakistani embroidery work is also considered important internationally and they can be bought online from any popular website. Moreover, you can find many types of embroidery work pieces locally as well. The most common embroidery types are Mokaish which can be made by strewing silver dots on a piece of cloth, Jaali work which is done by making a network of strings, Resham, which is thread work done with fine silk and sitara work in which sequins are attached to the cloth.

The style of embroidery work varies with each region of Pakistan. Every region produces its own distinctive pieces of this artwork. If one looks at the history of this embroidery work of Pakistan, then he will get to know that this artwork was famous among all the ancient tribal groups and so each style is adapted by each tribal group. Nowadays, dresses are decorated all over with different types of crystals and sequins.

The biggest example of this elegant embroidery work is wedding dresses. You can also find bags with this Pakistani embroidery done on them. This embroidery work is appreciated and praised not only in our country, but in other countries as well and so pieces of this art work are shipped to other countries to gain international attention. This work can be found on each everyday item from clothes to mobile pouches. Purses used by women of Pakistan to keep money and other important accessories are also made with embroidery work done on them to make them look more eye-catching.

Embroidery work is a great skill, which is appreciated by all the parents and they make their children learn this beautiful artwork. Moreover, it is also taught in different institutes of Pakistan to make the students aware of its cultural importance. This artwork done with hand is more expensive than those designs which are made with machine.

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