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Election Passion 2013

Election Passion 2013

Finally, the day has arrived for all political parties and their workers and for the voters too. 11th May’s sunrise will drive the nation towards polling stations to cast their votes. According to Election Commission, total number of polling stations in Pakistan is 69,729 where 86,162,639 registered voters will cast their votes. We can visibly see people preparing to cast their votes, as they are curious and inquisitive about their polling stations and booths and are profoundly concerned about the elections and upcoming government. election crowd 2013

However, there are few threats to voting process. Election commission of Pakistan finally released a list of sensitive polling stations. there are 15,681 polling stations that are Highly sensitive from which 12polling stations are situated in Islamabad, 8439 are situated in Punjab, 3064 polling stations spotted in Sindh, 2,140 are in KPK (formerly known as NWFP), 243 highly sensitive polling stations are located in FATA, while 1783 are in Baluchistan, which makes total 22. 48 Percent of total polling stations declared as highly sensitive in Pakistan according to election Commission of Pakistan. polling station

It is certainly a challenge for the election commission and law Enforcement agencies to make sure that Voters and polling staff remains secure. As per security, Pakistan Army will deploy 10 Army personal to the Highly Sensitive and Sensitive polling stations along with other law enforcement agencies which shows how seriously it is taken to make sure the procedure of a smooth polling operation.

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Nevertheless, it has always been a part of the elections almost all over the world but the important thing is the passion and enthusiasm of the voters in Pakistan. Despite of the entire routine hazard, voters from all over the Pakistan, either from remote areas or  urban, regardless of age and sex, religion or sect, are fully motivated, especially the new voters who are registered this time and youngster who are going to cast their votes for the first time seem very excited. One can noticeably see how young Pakistanis are taking this as event .This also shows that in the recent years, the awareness about the vote casting has enormously increased in Pakistan. Young girls and boys seem very active and lively as they are volunteering campaigns for their favorite parties and candidates by participating in their rallies,  through social media and all other possible manners. Recent and current social media trends in Pakistan are an evident sing of it. Though supporting different parties, youngsters are dealing in a tolerant  and forbearing  manner that shows unity, maturity and civilization.

PTI jalsa

Although it is good to consider the sensitivity of situation but 11 May’s Sunset will decide that either these considerations or precautionary measures did well or not, as it is the question of nation’s future. The whole Pakistani nation is taking part in the electoral procedure as one civilized nation should do, and are optimistically looking forward for the sun rise on 12 may, brighter than before. nation of pakistan

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