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Election Campaign in Balochistan

Election Campaign in Balochistan

Elections 2013 in Balochistan is on the steady process. Though due to security threats the colour of election campaigning is not as that of past days but we can see its vibes. The roads and streets of Quetta city are decorated with party flags, the walls are covered with posters. Some candidates have made their election symbol come alive by displaying it on their election offices. Like the one i saw on alamdar Road. The candidate’s election symbol was moon and they just made an glittering , silvery moon and fastened it on their office . In dark it seems like the moon has landed over the earth .

Election offices are moved out of it . Yeah the clever candidates just rented many road side cafes and “dhaba” hotels in for their corner meetings, where they serve the customers free and the particular party agents use to campaign about their party while the customer cum voter finishes his meal or “Qehwa”. Election campaign in Quetta like other aspects of the city is also traditional. The candidates hosts a feast for the people of the constituency. Once you join their feast it means you consumed their “namak” now in order to return the favour and to prove your loyalty to food you have eaten you have to vote for them . So people here attend these feasts after thinking a lot that weather they are going to vote for the “host” or not ?
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Quetta city is not a big city. It’s a beautiful city surrounded by mountains but in this average city we can see a wide range of multi cultural people living all together. Recent sectarian attacks have not changed anything among people but insecurity grows in every heart.
Candidates contesting in Baluchistan, most of them have the agenda of improving the city ‘s security, making people secure and in peace as before. Mehmood Khan Achakzai of Pashtoon Khuwa, Ruqqaya Hashmi of PMLQ , Khalique Hazara of Hazara Democratic Party and Jan Ali of PPP are some of the prominent candidates who may represent Quetta . Lets see who the people will elect?
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