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Eight World Records of Pakistan

Eight World Records of Pakistan

Punjab Youth Festival is one of the world’s biggest festivals. This festival is held yearly in the Punjab a province of Pakistan. The purpose of this festival is to provide the positive environment and opportunities of creative activities to the youth. By taking part in such festivals, youth can learn how to be creative, hard working, achieve targets and their dreams in the future and how an organized team can achieve what they want to. This festival actually aims to boost the confidence level of youth, as we can see there were thousands of youngsters who participated in the Youth Festival of Punjab 2012 to make and break the world records. They made many world records and eight of them are:

human flag pakistan

Making human national flag of Pakistan:

At youth festival thousands of young students and citizen took part in making the world’s largest human flag and they were successful by holding green and white board on their heads. There were 24,200 people who peacefully showed the flag of peaceful Pakistan. They broke the record of 21,726 people of Hong Kong set in 2007.

national anthem world record pakistan

Singing the National Anthem:

On October 20, 2012, another record was broken and set by the Pakistani youth. At least 70,000 Pakistani sang the National Anthem together at National Hockey Stadium, Lahore. They smashed the Indian record of 15,243 people who sang the national anthem together in the earlier same year.

World’s largest painting:

world largest painting pakistan

More than 1000 college and university students attempted to paint the world’s largest painting. They achieved the target at National Hockey Stadium, Lahore by painting 41,685 square feet in seven hours. Previous record was made by Nigeria who painted 33,000 square feet in 2010.

pakistani largest painting world record

World’s largest mosaic:

Another world record broke and set by the Pakistani youth was making world’s largest mosaic. In Lahore 1936 student of different schools came together to make the largest mosaic. All the students held the small pieces of a historical place Shahi Qila to make its image.they broke the American world record of 1458 people in South California, United States on 3 December 2011.

chess pieces world record pakistan

Arrangement of Chessboard pieces:

Mehak Gul a 12 years old girl arranged the pieces of chessboard by taking 45 seconds and using one hand. She broke the previous record of 1 minute.

Football Headers:

Danial Gil and Qamar Rizwan headed the football 335 times while keeping the ball in the air with their heads for 4:46 minutes. They broke the record of 170 head hits.

kicks world record pakistan

616 kicks in three minutes:

Ahmed Amin Badola broke the record of 612 kicks in three minutes made by another Pakistani. He kicked 616 times in three minutes on a punching bag.

Pulling a coaster with moustache:

Sadi Muhammad set a world record by pulling a coaster van with his moustaches for 63.8 meters,

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