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In every country there are some customs and some festivals which are usually based on the festivals that are part of the major religion followed within the country. Same is the case with Pakistan which is a Muslim country and all the common festivals celebrated in Pakistan are the one that are part of Islam. One of these Islamic festivals is Eid ul-Azah. Eid ul-Azah, Muslims’ festival of sacrificing, is a common festival for worldwide Muslim countries including Pakistan.

It is a very important religious event in which animals are sacrificed for the sake of Allah so to commemorate Hazrat Ibrahim’s (A.S) will to sacrifice Hazrat Ismail, his own son as to fulfill the order from the Allah. But the almighty Allah intervene Hazrat Ismail with a ram at the time of sacrificing. It is celebrated on the 10th of Zil-Hajj, the last month of the Islamic calendar. In Pakistan people are simply crazy about Eid ul-Azah. It is a time in Pakistan when the level of enjoyment is at its peak because people just love animals here and as the Pakistan is an agricultural country so people here very well knowledge of animals. 1 month before the festival people here in Pakistan start preparing for the festival by arranging animals so they can be sold and bought and also by arranging the food of animals. Only Halal, lawful animals are sold and bought like cows, buffalos, bulls, goats, sheep and camels. This is the custom that starts one month before the event in every city of Pakistan. People start going to Mandi, place where animals are bought and sold for sacrificing, so they can see the animals and can find out that at what rate animals are being sold so if someone thinks that the prices of animals are reasonable then they buy it otherwise they wait for the time till the rate falls. In Pakistan, after the animal is bought for sacrificing then it is transported from the Mandi to the place where the person wants its animal to be through a van. Then the animal is unloaded from the van and placed into a certain tent where some other animals of other people are also present.

At the time of unloading the animal people get so much excited that they gather around the van especially children and start hooting due to which sometimes the animal get scared. Then till Eid ul-Azah the owner of the animal take care of the animal by providing the food and water. Then finally on the day of Eid ul-Azah the animal is sacrificed in the name of Allah. The meat got from the sacrificed animal is distributed in 3 different ways, in 3 different parts. One part stays with the owner, other part goes to neighbors, friends and relatives and the last part goes to the needy and the poor which is the biggest part of all as the main purpose of Eid ul-Azah is to provide meat of Halal animal to the poor.


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