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Eduljee Dinshaw

Eduljee Dinshaw

Founding Father of Modern Karachi

(Philanthropist and Renowned Businessman in Karachi)


Eduljee Dinshaw was an exceptional, clever and successful businessman, who amused a great fortune and made an enormous contribution to charities, public service and betterment of Karachi.  He was born in Pune into the Parsi Community, grew up in Karachi and was educated at Narain Jagan Nath High School. In his early twenties he, became an army contractor and earned a great respect, fortune and trust among colonial administration. His influential army friend advised him to buy a land and invest in Karachi, which had a promising future. He used most of his profits buying warehouses shops and other building on land due for development.


He even got swamps and tide swept sand that nobody at that time imagined would be of great value, around which includes Victoria Road, City station Karachi and Bath Island (A famous posh residential and commercial area in Karachi now).

 Dispencary old Image

Mr. Eduljee Dinshaw always worked alone, never had any partners and would often supervise the constructions of his buildings by himself and made the payments due to masons. However, being a man of amazing commercial enterprise, he turned his attention to many other ventures. He became the largest coal importer in Karachi, and setup cotton and wool ginning factories on hydraulic passes, among others. He traded Barma Teak and other goods and exported Sindhi camels to Australia for transport between Fremantle and the Goldmines at Coolgarlie.

He owned property in Sydenham, Kent and in Karachi. He was also involved with Karachi Landing and Shipping Company, the Sindh Gazette, The Sindh light Railways and numerous other concerns.


Eduljee Dinshaw funded and constructed a fountain and a statue in Frere gardens Karachi that is now vanished. He was a great Philanthropist and did a great deal of public and charitable work. He was a delegate to Parsi Matrimonial Court and also served in Karachi Municipal Corporation and Karachi Port Trust (KPT).

 Lady Dufferin Hospital 1

In Year 1903, he became first and only Indian to be nominated as executive member of Sindh Volunteer Corps. Lady Dufferen Hospital in Karachi was founded and funded by Mr. Eduljee Dinshwa. Along with that, he also set up a number of dispensaries in Lyrai and Saddar area of Karachi for the poor people from which Saddar Area’s dispensary is still operative and helping poor to get medical facilities till now. He was also involved in large scale charities in Karachi, Quetta, Pune and Bombay. In his will, he left Seven Lac Fifty Thousand rupees for the University of Bombay for providing education to the Parsis.


Mr. Eduljee Dinshaw passed away on may 9th 1914 but has left a mark in history especially by providing medical facilities to the residents of Karachi and will also be remained.

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