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Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology


This university is the leading engineering university of Pakistan. It is also referred to as UET. Balochistan University of engineering and technology offers Bachelor and Master Degree program. The students of the university generally are known as BUETIANS. The Chancellor of the university is the Governor of Balochistan, Pakistan and UET Khuzdar is a public university. The vice-chancellor is the ... Read More »

Bahria University


On 7th February 2000, Bahria University which is federally licensed co-educational institute was established through a Presidential Ordinance. Its head office is in Islamabad and it is a multi-campus of higher education. It is shortly known as BU. In both Karachi and Islamabad it has introduced its branches. It is mostly acknowledged by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. In ... Read More »

Lahore College for Women University


The university that has been renowned for providing quality education in Pakistan. Lahore College for Woman University is a self-determining women’s university that is located in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1922, it was established as a women’s college. It is among the oldest female institutes. The university comprises almost 15,000 students and a teaching faculty of 500. Students of Intermediate, bachelor’s ... Read More »

Allama Iqbal Open University


The first Open University in Asia was Allama Iqbal Open University. Its abbreviation is AIOU. In 1974, this highly famed university was founded in Islamabad, Pakistan. AIOU is well-known as the world’s largest university as in year 2010 the university has enrolled almost 1,121038 students while the course enrollment of these students was round about 3,305,948.  In terms of Philosophy, ... Read More »

Islamia College Peshawar


In Peshawar, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is a well-known institute located known as Islamia College Peshawar. In 1909, when the new province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa came into existence there was only one college left behind in the province which was Edwards College due to which the local youth use to travel to the faraway regions to acquire quality education and this lack of educational opportunities ... Read More »

Dow University of Health Sciences


In 2003, Dow University of health sciences was founded which is a coeducational medical university. This university is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It has also established a school named as Dow Medical School and a newly formed college called Dow International Medical College, flanking with Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases. At the request of the faculty, administrators and the graduates ... Read More »

Sindh Madressatul Islam

sindh maddrassa

After the freedom fight, Muslim leaders thought to concentrate on their economical condition rather than going into war with English anymore. For this purpose, they started a movement to aware Muslims all over the subcontinent to pay attention on acquiring knowledge and modern education. This movement was led by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. To get people educated, he emphasized to ... Read More »

Aga Khan University


 Aga Khan University is the Pakistan’s first private university independently commenced its operation in 1983, which was founded by Aga Khan. The university was the co-educational research which was spread over three continents and was named as Aga Khan University (AKU), this project was the part of Aga Khan Development Network. The university is internationally known and had almost eleven ... Read More »



Nust is the short form of National University of Sciences and Technology. After merging established military institutes and colleges in 1981, the government of Pakistan established NUST to train the Pakistani Armed Forces’ members. At the time of its inception headquarter was situated in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and it is a multi-school university. In 2008, a new building was constructed at ... Read More »

Quaid-e-Azam University

quaid e azam university

In Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam University is situated. It is a public and research university that offers the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. Below the Margalla Hills, this university is spread over an area of 1700 acres. Initially in July 1967, this university was established as the University of Islamabad. According to the Higher Education in Pakistan, ... Read More »

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