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UET-University of Engineering and Technology


A university is defined as an organization of advance education which provides degree of specialization on different subjects. It has derived from the word ‘UNIVERSITAS’ which represents group of professors and highly qualified scholars. A university provides education on both bachelor and on master level respectively. There are hundreds of universities in Pakistan which provide highly qualified education, among these ... Read More »

King Edward Medical College

King Edward Medical College  University

King Edward Medical College (KEMC) is the most primogenital medical institute in Pakistan and the second most primogenital institute in the sub-continent. Attached to the college grounds is Mayo Hospital (medical facility) which was erected at the exact same time. This institute came into being in 1860 and was known as Lahore Medical School at that time. It stands amongst the ... Read More »

Qaid e azam Library Lahore


Quaid-e-Azam library is situated in a pleasant atmosphere of Jinnah garden also known as Bagh-e-Jinnah is a high profile research library of Pakistan. It is the library which caters the need of research scholars and post graduate students. The best feature of this university is high standard service, adequate stock of books and highly qualified staff. Every year a fresh ... Read More »

Government College Lahore


Government College of Lahore is one of the most popular universities in Lahore. It was established in 1864. It is located in “The Mall”. It is co-educational university. It has been 9 years that the college was turned into a university. The University has programs for bachelors’ degree, masters’ degree and Ph.D degree in a different kind of subjects. Cafeterias The university has ... Read More »

Aitchison College Lahore


Aitchison College situated in a peaceful environment of Lahore, the most prominent educational institutions of Pakistan. The school follows a syllabus designed to match international O, AS and A-level educational level. Aitchison College is the descendants of the Wards and Chiefs’ College.  Aitchison College foundation was put by the viceroy in 1886 on 3rd November. This college was labeled after Sir ... Read More »

Divisional Public School Lahore DPS


The project of Divisional Public school was started in year 1958-59 when president of Pakistan constituted a special commission known as “Sharif Commission”. A commission on based on national education for which many cadet school and public school were established under a phased program. Divisional Public School and Intermediate College is situated in Model Town, at a distance of 15km ... Read More »



The higher education commission which was the remarkable step by Pakistan Government in the last decade is the active body for development of research, education and technology in the country. The higher education commission was formed with the idea to promote higher education, encourage young generation in order to prepare them for the upcoming challenges and the leaders of tomorrow ... Read More »

Rural Study


Pakistan is a blessed country with rich and fertile land packed with many natural resources, rivers and perfect weather conditions. Amid the difficult developmental situations, the rural areas of Pakistan are still driving hard for the educational development in the country. Despite the lack of resources for rural study and teaching schools, the aims of Pakistani people are high to ... Read More »

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