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Library – State Bank of Pakistan


Introduction: The State Bank of Pakistan library was founded in 1949 at Central Directorate, Karachi. The library’s building was shifted to the 5th floor of the new State Bank building in 1961. In 1995 an adjacent building, originally Imperial Reserve Bank of India’s building, was acquired for library use as more space was required. In 2005, the library was moved ... Read More »

Dr. Mahmud Hussain Library


Introduction: Libraries are essential in the educational discourse of any society. Academic institutions bear the responsibility of making sure that their students have access to scholarly work, especially the books and reference materials that have relevance to their field of study. The University of Karachi justifiably boasts that it lodges a classic library which in turn houses the founder of ... Read More »

Baitul Hikmah, Hamdard University


Background: Any library is truly a “house of wisdom” in every sense. Hence the name given to the colossal library building of Hamdard University is very appropriate indeed. Baitul Hikmah means house of wisdom. It is situated inside the Madinat-ul-Hikmah which means city of education. Both Madinatul Hikmah and Baitul Hikmah were the ideas of Hakim Muhammad Said Shaheed. Baitul ... Read More »

National Library of Pakistan


Introduction: In 1951, National Library was just in the form of a model library constructed as a subdivision of Archives and Libraries. It was merged with the Liaquat Memorial Library in 1954 and the new umbrella was given the name Liaquat National Library. But the National Library was moved to Islamabad , the new capital and so Liaquat Memorial Library ... Read More »

Qaid e azam Library Lahore


Quaid-e-Azam library is situated in a pleasant atmosphere of Jinnah garden also known as Bagh-e-Jinnah is a high profile research library of Pakistan. It is the library which caters the need of research scholars and post graduate students. The best feature of this university is high standard service, adequate stock of books and highly qualified staff. Every year a fresh ... Read More »

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