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Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design


Fashion has acquired prominent place in today’s world and keeping this in mind many institutes have played their role to provide better understanding of fashion trends. Among these the most prominent institute that has played vital role in generating world class fashion designers know as Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, it is commonly known as PIFD. This institute offers ... Read More »

Lahore School of Fashion


According to the change in surroundings, the constant development is due to the progress through internet and satellite due to that an innovative change has taken place in fashion trends in all over the world. With respect to that Pakistan has also experienced the continuous change in fashion and the need of better institutes of Fashion designing occurred and to ... Read More »



The institute that has nailed itself in the field of education and among the entire recognized institute is known as LACAS. In 1987, the institute came into existence. Within the time period of three months it was referred to in the national daily Dawn as “a center of educational excellence”. From that time the institute has more than justified this ... Read More »

Sindh Madressatul Islam

sindh maddrassa

After the freedom fight, Muslim leaders thought to concentrate on their economical condition rather than going into war with English anymore. For this purpose, they started a movement to aware Muslims all over the subcontinent to pay attention on acquiring knowledge and modern education. This movement was led by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. To get people educated, he emphasized to ... Read More »

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, Lahore


Genesis: Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) came into existence in the year 1995. It was a single school in the beginning and was named as Pakistan School of Fashion Design. This school is now one of the four schools of the institute. The need for establishing a fashion school in Pakistan was felt in the 90’s by the ... Read More »

Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar


History: The Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar was established in May 1995. The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa granted the institute autonomous status in 1999. Since then policy-making resides with the 18 member board of governor’s which is headed by the Governor of the province. Formerly, the institute was part of the University of Peshawar, but it now awards its own ... Read More »

Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad (IST)


The Institute of Space Technology (IST) is located in Islamabad. The edifice of the campus is overwhelming. So is the quality of education that is provided to not just national but international students as well. The students get the best environment as they get many facilities like state of the art residence, fitness room, computing and 24 hours internet, mosque ... Read More »



These days no one is able to earn his or her life easily because of the recession period through which every country of this world is going through including Pakistan which is already going through number of different disasters and one of the biggest problems being faced by Pakistanis is poverty due to poor economical conditions of the country. To ... Read More »

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